We live in an era of innovation where scientists are inventing new technological devices every day to give us comfort and make our lives easier than before. Levoit Core 300 Vs. LV-H 132 is what we will explore in this article. On which basis is one product better than the other?

The similarities and differences between the two products and all relevant points will discuss in detail below. L-H 132 has a highly improved performance and operating range compared to levoit core 300. But if you want to decide on a single go, we recommend you get levoit core 300 as it is the best option. Keep reading this article in order to know the reasons behind the analysis.

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Levoit Core 300 Vs. LV-H132: A Comparative Analysis

When you go through the specifications of both options with a critical eye, you will face a lot more difficulty in deciding or choosing the best between the two: Lv-H132 Vs. Levoit core 300. Both models have different specifications, features, designs, and performance abilities. We will compare and contrast these models as per their features one by one separately in depth below:

  • Filter-wise comparison
  • Performance-wise comparison
  • Comparative Analysis Of Filtration System
  • Difference In Noise Level
  • Control Panel
  • Danger Of Ozone Production
  • Comparison Of Power Consumption
Filter-wise comparison

Filter-wise Comparison

  1. Lv-H132: Our research team has observed that the Lv-H131 comes with a compact filter with genuine carbon pellets that are effective enough to absorb all odors. According to most people, the carbon pellet filters in the Lv-h131 do a great job of cleaning the air. You don't use the custom filter as they don't have a custom filter option.
  2. Levoit Core 300: Whereas you can customize the filters as per your requirement in the Levoit Core 300, as these units come with the option of standard custom filters. In these units, you can get filters for specific problems like mold, toxins, and pet allergies. We recommend you choose the levoit core 300 option as it can purify the air from all types of pollution.
Levoit Air Purifier Red Light - Learn To Fix It
Suppose you are searching for the perfect air purifier production company. In that case, Levoit stands first due to its reputation for producing a wide range of air purifiers, including minimal one-button purifiers to smart app control units for the whole house.

Performance-Wise Comparison

  1. Lv-H131: The Lv-H131 unit has a clean air delivery rate of 40 CFM, and it circulates the air in the room in four cycles which helps clean the air as quickly as one hour.
  2. Levoit Core 300: The Levoit core 300 has a clean air delivery rate of around 135+ CFM and is the best value among all similar units. These units can clean and circulate the air in five cycles to achieve the best indoor air quality. Levoit core 300 is the best in terms of performance and capacity.

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Comparative Analysis of Filtration System

  1. Lv-H131:  the unit has a three-stage filtration system, which is the unit's best feature. The three-stage filters consist of a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and a carbon filter. The three-stage filter system ensures it will clean the air of all pollutants, including dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander.
  2. Levoit Core 300:  We have found both units highly competitive in their comparative performances. Leave your code 300 has a three-stage filtration system:
  • Pre-filter
  • Hepa filter
  • Carbon filter


In Noise Level

Both systems are reliable when it comes to counting the noise level produced by them when they are running. But our critical observation is that the levoit core 300 is a comparatively better and quieter air purifier that can promise a comparatively comfortable sleep.

In Designs

Both models have sleek and unique designs, but a critical comparison is that lv-h 132 is considered good for small places and as a portable gadget. In contrast, the levoit core 300 looks similar to it, but this unit has a slightly bigger size in comparison. Both units have different color options, which are mostly black and white.

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Control Panels

  1. Lv-H 132: The control panel contains a night light unavailable in the other system. The purpose of installing a night light is to help children if it is installed in their room. The control panel also has a check filter indicator.
  2. Levoit Core 300: This unit has more options and functions than the other. Another important feature is the indicator to check the filter level. In addition, it also has a timer, sleep mode, and display lock.

No Danger Of Ozone Production

Levoit has earned a wonderful reputation for producing eco-friendly machines that do not use UV light and avoid producing harmful ozone inside your home. This feature should be highly appreciated as the company has done wonderful research on its products to make them pollutant-free. Both of the units under consideration got a plus point in this regard.

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Comparison Of Power Consumption

  1. Lv-H 132: The energy used by this unit is 15W less than the other. The system runs smoothly and consumes a power of about 28W. This specific feature has made this unit a perfect choice for people who are so cautious about their utility bills. These units are not only high-performing but also very affordable in terms of power consumption.
  2. Levoit Core 300: Core 300 consumes about 5w more than lv-h 132 and ultimately costs you higher utility bills. The power consumption for this unit is 45W, which is quite higher in comparison.

Best Levoit For Smoke

If you are dealing with smoke problems at home, the Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier will be the best option as it effectively tackles smoke. The three-stage filtration system in this model is very impressive. Using this model for just one hour, you can rid a room of 900 square feet of heavy smoke and foul-smelling air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, modify or Levoit?

According to Model Range CADR Ratings, the Levoit air purifier and Modify air purifier are quite similar because both have a three-stage filtration system and are even similar in price range. For example:

  • Levoit LV-H135 and Modify MA-40 both have CADR ratings of 300+
  • Both have a cost range of $300.
  • Both cover an area of 400-500 square feet.

Why is Levoit the best?

There are a few reasons why most people consider Levitt Air Purifier to be the best among all brands:

  • They are beautifully designed and based on modern technologies.
  • Regarding price performance, Levoit is at the top of the list. Usually, a single unit costs more than $500.
  • The Levoit air purifiers are the best premium air purifiers because they effectively deal with contaminants like dust, smoke, mold, pet dandle, etc.

Are air purifiers good for Covid?

According to the research done by our team, a portable air purifier cannot protect you from COVID-19 because the air purifier can only clean the air by removing pollutants from a limited area and can't resist different types of viruses.

How long do Levoit air purifiers last?

The Levoit LV-H131 model has a filter life of up to six months. After six months, you will need to replace the filter. Otherwise, it degrades the air quality. The smart indicator will light up when it's time to replace the filter.

Final words

To summarise the entire discussion, we can conclude that an air purifier cannot protect you from COVID-19 because an air purifier only removes various pollutants like dust, smoke, pet dander, etc. Improves air quality.

Levoit LV-H131 is the best air purifier among all related brands because of its cost range and durability of functions. When we compare Levoit with Mediify, they are quite similar in the cost range in terms of functions and working ability.


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