Portables must deal with extra water differently because they are entirely enclosed within the room.

Most homeowners use portable air conditioners to keep cool. It cannot be very pleasant if this portable air conditioner loads with water quickly. Let's start by agreeing that it is normal for the unit to fill up once daily.

There can be a problem if you drain the AC multiple times in 24 hours. This could be due to any problem with your portable AC.

In this blog, let us discuss the potential reasons for Portable AC filling with water more quickly, along with their solutions. Keep reading if you want to know!

Knowing How A Portable Air Conditioner Operates

The fundamental operation of portable air conditioners is the same as regular air conditioners. A condenser and an evaporator are the components of a continuous loop that a compressor uses to move a refrigerant.

Cooling and moisture removal occur in humid and warm room air as it passes over the evaporator. The refrigerant moves the warmth from the room air to the condenser, from where it is released into the atmosphere through an exhaust line attached to a window kit.

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The special brand and version of your portable AC determine what tends to happen to the extra water extracted from the room air. Some portables have an inside tub or bucket where the water will drain; nevertheless, this container desires to be regularly emptied on occasion.

Certain variants, known as completely self-evaporating ones, utilize some of the water for internal cooling while discharging the remainder outside through a hot air exhaust tube.

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Reasons For Filling Of Portable AC With Water

Reasons For Filling Of Portable AC With Water

To start, it's important to understand that when a portable AC is filled with more water than regular AC, it is not functioning as intended. Let's discuss the reasons which cause the water in the portable AC:

Unclean Air Filter

Yes, the air filter may be at fault. Since a dirty air filter is frequently the root of air conditioning problems, it must always be the first item you inspect. The function of the air filter is to draw air from your surroundings through it, cools it, and then force the air back out.

The problem is that a huge amount of microscopic dirt is floating about in your house. Others are not so tiny. They can be:

  • Pet hair
  • Human Hair
  • Dust

All that dirt gradually accumulates on the filter, obstructing airflow. When airflow is restricted, your air conditioner cannot function properly, leading to excess water accumulating much more quickly than usual.


Dust can accumulate anywhere. So, the thing to do in this situation is to clean the AC to make it function properly like before.

Season of Humidity

Expect the portable air conditioner to continue filling up with water during the chilling process if you reside in a humid environment. The humidity is considerably higher on certain days of the year than on others. Therefore, the substantially higher volume of water produced on some days may only be seasonal.

The maximum and minimum humidity times of the year vary depending on your country and city. For instance, September is the wettest month in New York, and April is the driest. As a result, compared to April, the portable air conditioner may produce more water around September. So, every state has different seasonal conditions in other months.

The explanation is that the weather's influence on air humidity is not immediate. Additionally, the growth and reduction vary only slightly. Therefore, if your portable AC produces a lot of water on a particular day, another issue may be at play.


If you notice that water drainage is due to weather changes, it will get fine when the weather is dry again. But if it is not due to seasonal changes, you need to contact the technician.

Condensate Pump Issue

Frequently draining the tub can be a tiresome and frustrating task. Installing a condensate pump to discharge the water can stop this annoying and long-standing problem.

If done properly, it will work quite effectively. But, faulty installation can frequently result in leakage and ongoing water filling.


To ensure that the condensate pump operates exactly as intended, you may want to have an expert analyze the same. The technician will examine how well-coordinated the hose and pump are.

You might need to check the drains to ensure that the water can exit the unit. The pump will immediately draw water out as the water level reaches one where the setup can detect it.

Incredibly High Humidity In Portable AC Room

If the humidity levels in your portable air conditioner's space are quite high, it might often fill up. There are two possibilities here that could cause your portable AC to start accumulating water quickly:

  1. You continue to operate your appliance in the same location, but you now need to drain water more frequently.
  2. Your portable air conditioner loads up too frequently because you moved it from one room to another.

In the first scenario, the cause is an internal issue with the appliance, such as a blocked filter, broken parts, clogged coils, etc. In the event of no internal problem, the relative humidity around all over the portable AC will either be significantly higher due to the flaws mentioned above or periodicity.

In the second case, It is clear that the humidity levels in the area where your portable AC is now located have significantly increased. The increase may be brought on by the fact that it operates in moist areas of your home, such as the basement, kitchen, attic, etc., or by problems like inadequate insulation, weak foundations, or water pipe leaks.


The procedures to diagnose and repair are as follows, in a condensed form (1st case):

  1. Check the space where the portable air conditioner operates for any problems, such as inadequate ventilation, leaking pipes, or water leakage through the building.
  2. If neither of the first two is the cause, you can fully eliminate manual draining using either a condensate pump or a gravity technique for vent hose drainage.

Defective Blower Fan Of Portable AC

A portable AC fan must blow air at a constant velocity to perform properly. A malfunctioning fan causes frosting of the evaporator coils that either are not operating at the proper RPM or are not operating at all.

In reality, the unit's reduced airflow caused by the fan's malfunction does not pass enough air to sufficiently extract heat from the evaporator coils. In turn, ice forms on the coils, which might cause the portable AC compressor to cease working temporarily until it melts.

The condensate pan quickly fills with water as this ice melts. Ice will melt slowly during this time if there is a slow-moving fan. After it melts and the compressor starts up again, the malfunctioning fan will cause the evaporator coils to freeze once more. This cycle continues. The damaged fan blades, motor, or other components can cause this problem.

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The first thing to do is to diagnose the cause. After Finding out the cause, if fan blades are causing this issue, replace them. But if the blades are working fine, there must be the possibility that the fan motor is defective; it is better to replace it instead of repairing it.

But if both blades and the fan's motor are going well, there must be something wrong with the other component of the fan-like relay, switch, control board, etc., to replace them.

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Defective Blower Fan Of Portable AC


Which temperature should a portable air conditioner be set to?

You should set your air conditioner to 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius because this will make you feel comfortable and energized.

Are LG portable air conditioners drainable?

There should not be a requirement for drainage while using the fan or cool Mode (in dry weather). The air conditioner is made to run with some humidity in the collection tank for increased efficiency. But if the LG portable air conditioner keeps filling with water, something must be wrong.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why portable AC produces so much water. The main cause of water collection is relative humidity. However, many other things, such as a dirty filter, a broken condensate pump, blocked coils, etc., can also cause this issue.

If moisture is not the issue, go and check them. We hope this will answer all your queries; if you have any related suggestions, do let us know in the comment section below.

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