Our purpose is to serve our readers with authentic information to solve their problems in the best ways possible. Dehumidifiers are generally used to absorb extra moisture from the air where humidity levels are high. But there are some other uses for it too.

You can use a dehumidifier for drying clothes indoors if you are living in an urban setting. This article explores the usage, advantages, and more about dehumidifiers.

Can You Use Dehumidifier For Drying Clothes - Like Tumble Dryer

Yes, you can use a dehumidifier to dry clothes. But a dehumidifier cannot match the speed of a tumble dryer.

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In general, laundry dryer dehumidifiers can take the right amount of time to dry your clothes. Still, this method is more cost-effective and offers additional benefits to the quality and condition of your home.

You can dry your clothes and get additional benefits without doing anything extra work. You will be amazed to know millions of Americans and Europeans are drying their clothes with the said device during the colder and wetter winter days.

Can You Use Dehumidifier For Drying Clothe

Dry Clothes By Absorbing Moisture

You can set your dehumidifier's settings to dry clothes. However, a dehumidifier dries clothes by blowing dry or warm air. At the same time, a dehumidifier absorbs the surrounding moisture. So it reduces the humidity in the room and keeps the room in a relatively dry environment which is good for drying your clothes quickly.

Dehumidifier Vs. Tumble Dryer

A dehumidifier takes roughly 3 to 5 hours to dry your clothes compared to a tumble dryer. Jan can dry an average-sized load in about half an hour on a tumble dryer. However, dehumidifiers take 3 to 5 hours to do the same thing.

Benefits Of Drying Clothes Using Dehumidifiers

You will get some benefits if you use a dehumidifier to dry your clothes. Here we are going to discuss some of them.

Minimal Damage To Fabric

Using a dehumidifier to clean clothes can prevent excessive temperatures that can damage the clothes. On the other hand, if you use a tumble or mechanical dryer, they are less likely to protect against burns and may shrink or harden the clothes.

By using the method we discussed above, you will be treating the clothes well, and it will also extend their life.

Reduces The Risk Of Mold Formation

Using a room heater instead of a dehumidifier or tumble dryer for drying purposes is not a good choice for your indoor environment and especially for your health.

Because this will increase the production of mold and mildew, especially in the areas where you are using the radiator, and high humidity in the air during cold, wet weather can lead to heavy rainfall, which can stimulate the growth of mold and bacteria and can be quite dangerous for you and your family.

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When a radiant heater operates in an enclosed space with poor ventilation, moisture from steam from wet clothes can easily accumulate in the corners of your home, collecting dangerous bacteria. You can prevent the build-up of these bacteria by lowering the relative humidity level.

Can Reuse The Heat Retained

One of the major benefits of using a dehumidifier to dry your clothes in the winter is that it produces a large amount of heat that helps dry your clothes and other parts of your home. You can also use it for heating your home. But here is the one negative point: a dehumidifier cannot convert every unit of energy into usable heat 2.5 times.

Also, it can reduce airborne mist if using the unit in certain areas of your room where you install it. It will heat spaces faster in stuffy climates than in more humid environments.


Using a dehumidifier can also reduce the total energy used, save you a lot of money at the end of the month, and help the environment a lot. Installing the device and turning off the traditional tumble dryer will ensure that you maintain a healthy and eco-friendly climate.

Reduced Costs Over Time

If we talk about the power consumption of these units, a conventional tumble dryer can cost you around $0.39 hourly. It seems reasonable in the initial stages, but as time passes, it consumes more units than usual and increases your electricity bills significantly.

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On the other hand, installing a laundry dryer dehumidifier may cost you a little more than a condenser dryer, but the cost will decrease over time. A dehumidifier for drying purposes in your laundry can cost around $0.03 per hour, which is significantly less expensive than a standard tumble dryer.

Additionally, a good quality condensing unit is durable and can be found in a higher price range. According to customer feedback, these units work efficiently after years of operation.

Final Words

To summarize the entire discussion, we can conclude that you can use a dehumidifier to dry your clothes, but it will take more time than a tumble dryer.

Typically, a tumble dryer takes less than half an hour to completely dry your clothes, while a typical dehumidifier takes 3 to 5 hours to dry a heavy unit of clothing completely.

But dehumidifiers also have disadvantages in that they can be quite noisy, cannot operate in low temperatures, and require maintenance.

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