Hello and welcome to my website. 

Tom Moore here, nice to meet you. I’m a Physician at a local hospital and my wife is a nutritionist at the same hospital. With both of us being in the medical field, our kids have to put up with a lot. 

Keeping the house clean and advising the kids to do the same, eating only healthy, homecooked food, and making sure the kids are taking good care of their personal hygiene can be annoying sometimes. The constant complaining and whining say it all. But even the kids, when they’re in a good mood, realize that health is important and their parents do the right thing in ensuring it for them. 

One thing that scares me the most before the beginning of winters each year is the flu outbreak. My wife and I are extra paranoid during this time to make sure no one in the family becomes a victim. 

Besides wearing surgical masks outdoors and sanitizing as soon as we enter the house, we also focus on keeping the air clean and free of bacteria. Fine air to breathe in is the secret to us getting through the flu season without catching the virus. 

The things I hate most about the winter season is the dry skin and irritation in the nose and throat that comes with it. I just can’t stand it. And even though, my 2-year-old baby daughter cannot express much, I realize that she mush feel the same irritation due to the dry air. 

When researching the solutions to remove the dryness from the air, I came across plenty of options. Much of the advice I received was from the hospital staff, where I work since the hospital is already equipped with air purifiers and humidifiers for the patients to breathe in clean and safe air. 

I use a whole-house humidifier for my entire house and another smaller air purifier for the room where my youngest daughter sleeps. Since I began researching these products so intensely, I found out a lot about them. 

Now, having a clean and adequately humidified air in the house has become more of a necessity, at least for us. Other than air purifiers and humidifiers, I’m also obsessed with air conditioners. Any product that’s designed to improve the quality of my air does not fail to grab my attention. 

So this website, My Finest Air is actually a forum where I can share my knowledge with anyone who wishes to find an excellent air humidifier or air conditioner to improve the air within their living space. I’ll help you out with your pursuit. 

I should add here that the website is not solely a product of my efforts. I have an entire team to help me out. My team and I have used countless air purification products available in the market and produced honest reviews for them. 

You can go through these reviews and guides to find out exactly what you need in your house. We hope you find our website useful.

Thank you for stopping by.  

Tom Moore – Owner