However, some problems with humidifiers are not so simple but require attention from a professional.

Before panicking and wondering why there is no mist coming out of the humidifier, look at the power. Is the power supply On? Are you hearing some noises coming out of the system?

Is there a lack of water in the system? We will discuss several other reasons associated with this problem in this article.

Why Is My Humidifier Not Blowing Mist - What’s The Issue

Sometimes, if mist coming out of the humidifier isn’t visible to you, it doesn’t mean the unit is functioning improperly.

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As experts suggest, your home’s humidity level should never fall below 30%, but the low temperatures in winter can reduce humidity from the recommended range.

Variations are present in humidifiers using different technologies that produce invisible vapors or no mist. However, there are the following reasons for your humidifier not producing mist.

Why Is My Humidifier Not Blowing Mist

Power Fluctuations

  • The first thing you should check is the power supply. If the power is On or reaches the humidifier without trouble, this issue shouldn’t exist.
  • Inspect the system's motor, and if it displays no lights on the digital panel, there is a low power supply.
  • Also, check if the power cable is fixed to the outlet. If there is no issue here, you must check the circuit breaker.
  • Humidifiers often trip the circuit if the wiring at home is old.
  • You can resolve this issue by bringing your humidifier to a repair shop where the product will be fixed to operate normally.

Mineral Buildup

  • Sometimes, high mineral accumulation also stops the humidifier from steaming. This happens due to excessive impurities and minerals in tap water.
  • If tap water is being used, the water will evaporate during the process leaving minerals sitting at the bottom.
  • When these minerals get old, they turn dark brown or black, covering the parts of the system to build up an insulating layer.
  • This stops the easy flow of heat, restricting the passage of mist.
  • The only solution is to eliminate all mineral content from the unit.

Blocked Filter

  • If you own a cool mist humidifier, the mineral deposition will also block its filter. The heating element won’t affect it, but you must replace the old filter in certain circumstances.
  • The old filters do not allow easy water passage, and the tank will take too long to empty.
  • Therefore, you must get a new filter to ensure the humidifier's smooth functioning.
  • While in warm mist humidifiers, the minerals will gather on the heating rod instead of a filter. These humidifiers work on boiling water which isn’t safe to run at night.

Incorrect Settings

  • The same issue can arise if you fail to adjust the right settings on the humidifier. So check the settings first to get the most out of your unit.
  • Humidity at 40% will automatically turn off the humidifier. Enhancing the humidity level can change the dry air into moist and favorable air.
  • To fix it, run the humidifier at the setting where the humidity level is adjusted free from restrictions.

Water Deficiency

  • A sufficient quantity of water is essential in a humidifier to add moisture to the indoor area. If the mist isn’t coming from the system, look into the water tank that might be empty.
  • All you need to do is to fill the tank and keep it refilling whenever you feel it emptying.
  • Make sure to fill the humidifier regularly with fresh water to keep the air moist.

Evaporative Humidifier

Evaporative humidifiers produce vapors that aren’t visible. So, you should not worry about it because the system works properly, but you can not see the mist.

  • To inspect if everything is working fine, fill the water tank to the labeled mark.
  • Run the humidifier for a few hours and then examine the water quantity left on it.
  • The system is absolutely fine if you see the water level below its previous location. Otherwise, a professional will sort out the current issue.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • If you see no mist coming out of the ultrasonic humidifier, here are the following things you should do.
  • Drain the water tank and refill it to turn on the system.
  • Avoid overfilling the tank, as the ultrasonic platter won’t work efficiently due to extra water.
  • So, to keep the ultrasonic humidifier running smoothly, maintain the water levels up to a limited range.

How to Fix A Humidifier That No Longer Mists

When your properly functioning humidifier suddenly stops to mist, the minerals and mold presence can affect its capabilities to a great extent. Fortunately, you can fix it in the following ways:

  • Turn on the humidifier till the water tank empties but do not let it dry. Then Wash the humidifier with water to thoroughly rinse the vinegar. All the mineral deposits will also wash away with vinegar.
  • If you still find minerals even after using vinegar, take lemon juice, and add some salt and baking soda to it. Apply the paste will the help of a moist cloth to the inner compartments.
  • For better results, you can also scrub the area. After washing and rinsing, everything will get cleaned, leaving no marks of minerals or other debris.
How to Fix A Humidifier That No Longer Mists

Should I Be Able to See Mist Coming Out of My Humidifier

Should I Be Able to See Mist Coming Out of My Humidifier

Mist coming out of the humidifier signifies that everything is working properly. Whenever you turn on the device, water vapors get into the air, and upon condensation, their vapors start to hit walls and window pans where they seem like tiny water droplets or mist.

However, it is not essential to see mist coming from the humidifier as it can only be felt. This moisture isn’t always visible, and the main purpose of it is to build a cool environment and keep your skin safe from drying. So, if you can feel mist all around your surrounding areas, there is no need to see it.


No doubt, when a humidifier suddenly stops producing mist, it might be a source of worry for you.

But after reading this article, we hope you have a clear idea of why there is no mist coming out of my humidifier and how to solve the issues that hinder mist production.

Lack of water, mineral deposits, and broken parts badly affect the internal system. So get these things fixed as soon as possible to get the most out of your humidifier.

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