The company is enjoying its products' usage by millions of consumers around the globe. Like every other machine, these machines also get old, malfunction, and require frequent maintenance.

The good thing is that these air purifiers are very easy to maintain and come with a two-year extended warranty. This article is about the red light that appears on the Levoit air purifier as a signal to change the filter.

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Levoit Air Purifier Red Light

Levoit Air Purifier Red Light: How To Fix It?

The most common issue consumers face in Levoit’s products and air purifiers is resetting the red light. During our research on Levoit's products, we found that many people are having trouble figuring out how to solve the problem. The red light primarily serves as a caution to replace the filters. The right way to deal with this issue is given as follows:

  • Take your filter and put your finger on a filter reset indicator button for less than 5 seconds. If the process doesn’t work, we will recommend you repeat the process.
put your finger on a filter reset indicator button

Resetting The Red Light

You can easily reset the red light on your level air purifier by using these steps:

  • First, plug in the air purifier and turn it on.
  • While the air purifier is running, press and hold the filter reset button for about 3 seconds.
  • When the unit beeps, and the light changes from red to blue, the red light setting on your air purifier unit has been successfully set.

Can You Always Leave Your Air Purifier

Yes, running your air purifier is no big deal if you're not up all night. We recommend that if you live in a harsh climate, you should run the IT purifier overnight if you want the air to be clean. You can set the unit lower if you are concerned about power consumption.

Fixing The Red Light Issue

Sometimes the unit still shows blinking red light after changing the filters. The reason behind this is that you have inserted the filters incorrectly. To resolve this issue, you need to follow these steps:

  • You must insert the filter correctly.
  • Press and hold the filter reset button for about three seconds while the unit runs, and the button should light up again.
  • Press and hold the reset button again until the light turns off.

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Homedics Humidifier Red Light - You Know It
Homedics humidifiers are unique in their designs. They are better known for their durability and longer lifespans. Before starting our discussion on Homedics humidifier red light, let us first mention that most consumers ignore reading the user instructional manual given by the company.

Resetting Levoit Air Purifier

Using the filter in a heavily polluted environment can shorten the air filter's life and significantly reduce the filter stops to clean the air adequately. In this case, you can change the filter even if the filter reset button does not light up. To force reset the filter button, you can follow these steps:

  • Replace air filters properly.
  • While the air purifier unit is operating, press and hold the reset button for at least 3 seconds until the button lights up again.
  • To reset the air purifier, you must press and hold the filter reset button for at least three seconds. The filter reset button will turn off, and the reset is now done.

If you still face any problem in this matter, you can contact levoit sport system as they are very helpful and will answer any query you may have.

The Meanings Of Different Colors

The blinking color on the liquid air purifier indicates the quality of the air. Automated sensors operate these indicators to display your indoor air quality levels.
  • Blue means very good.
  • Green means Good.
  • Orange shows Moderate.
  • Red indicates bad air quality.

The Red Light Tells You To Replace The Filters

If the red light on the Levoit air purifier is blinking, it means the filter needs to be replaced. After replacing the filter, all you need to do is reset the light. So to fix the red light problem, you need to replace the filter because there is no other way to fix it.

Signs To Change Your Air Purifier

Here are some signs that you need to replace your air purifier unit:

  • If the unit makes a lot of noise when you turn it on.
  • If you notice unusual orders and clutter in your space.
  • If the unit's filters are visibly clogged.
  • If the airflow from the unit is low enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my air purifier light red?

Typically, an IT purifier will indicate through a red light when the air filters are clogged and need to be cleaned or replaced. Another reason behind the blinking red light in your ear cleaner is that your air purifier cannot handle the existing pollution.

Why is my Levoit desktop air purifier red?

You need to check your air purifier's control button when it turns red, which indicates a reminder to check the unit's filters. The indicator should turn on within 6 to 8 months, depending on how often you use the air purifier. You may not have changed the filters yet, but you should check them every time you clean the air purifier.

How do you know when to change your Levoit filter?

According to the research done by our team, it is recommended that you need to change the filter every 6 months, specifically after collecting odors, mites, allergens, mold spores, etc.

How do I know my Levoit air purifier is working?

The best way to check if your air purifier is working is simply by checking the airflow from your purifier unit. Most air purifiers have a companion that pulls air from inside the room to remove harmful materials from your air. Show that the purifier will blow clean air.

Final Words

In summary, if you see red lights flashing from your Levoit air purifier unit, the closed filters need to be replaced or cleaned as soon as possible because they are clogged with several contaminants.

A flashing red light on some units indicates your indoor air quality. A blue light indicates that the air quality inside your home is quite good, and a red light indicates poor air quality.


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