The hair will start to float in the air while your furniture, upholstery, and carpets will no longer be safe. Therefore, knowing how to remove pet hair from the air is necessary.

In this article, we have shared some easy but effective methods of removing pet hair from the air and other surfaces. Following some important tips, you can also prevent pet hair from getting into the air.

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How to Remove Pet Hair From Air - Cleaning Methods & Tips

No doubt pets are a great source of joy for you and your family, but the pain comes with hair present in the air. Dander allergies are common among people who keep cats or dogs more abundantly. Here are some ways to keep the air of your clean:

Do Air Purifier Help With Dog Smell - Facts To Know
Being pet lovers, we can truly understand the pros and cons of owning one. It would be best if you learned a few things to keep things running smoothly as a pet owner. One big issue we have identified for pet owners is the smell or bad odor of your pet’s body, like a dog.

Buy An Air Purifier with Having HEPA Filter

A HEPA filter is essential for removing pet hair from the air. It is designed to deal with the tiniest particles stranded in air, and you will see wonders when it is attached to an air purifier. If you are questioning Do Air Purifiers Get Rid of Pet Hair, an air purifier with a HEPA filter is the best solution for quick removal of pet hair.

You can not only get rid of other allergens and contaminants but also eliminate pet smells by installing an air purifier. This way will save you from several allergies, including asthma which is more common.

A Fan & Mesh Filter

If you cannot afford an air purifier, you can build an improvised filter that includes a fan, a box, and a filter mesh.

  • Pick up the box and try to fix a box-type fan inside it.
  • After setting up the fan in the box, seal the sides with the help of tape.
  • Then put the filter mesh at the other end of the box with the help of glue.
  • Whenever you turn on the fan, it will suck air inside the box, leading to the mesh filter.
  • The air will pass through the mesh, but the pet hair will trap inside the filter.
  • Ensure to keep some distance between the fan and filter to avoid collected hair moving back into the fan.

This is the cheapest and highly effective method, but you must maintain the filter's cleanliness regularly.

Use Balloons to Remove Pet Hair

It might seem awkward to you, but balloons can prove to be very helpful in dealing with pet hair. All you need is a balloon, dish soap, and water.

  • Fill the balloon with air and rub it over different surfaces, such as furniture.
  • The foam will reduce the adhesion of hair to the surface, while the balloon will pick them all up.
  • When you are done removing hair, wash the area with water and let it dry for some time.

A balloon can also help in removing pet hair from your clothes. A simple rubber balloon can also bind hair present in the air when you inflate it and allow it to glide in the air. Using many balloons will help cling pet hair on them while cleaning the air.

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Use HVAC & Replace Air Filter

Use HVAC & Replace Air Filter

One important thing you must consider is the damage caused by hair accumulation to your home's heating and ventilation system.

The AC can lose its functioning ability, while the heater can fail to operate due to wrapped hair around its coils. Installing an HVAC system will ensure the safety of the appliances as the dander, pet hair, and other particles won’t be able to get into them.

Also, replacing the old air filters is a great option for properly maintaining the environment and the operating system.

Get Essential Accessories

Other tools, such as a pet hair roller, can also reduce your mess by removing all pet hair by acting as a magnet for picking up dust and dirt. It is a handheld tool that contains several rolling brushes. You can roll it over surfaces with pet hair, and the bristles will trap even the smallest particles.

Also, a damp piece of cloth can help get rid of pet hair before it gets into the air. Rubber gloves are reliable and efficient for removing pet hair from different surfaces.

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How to Prevent Pet Hair from Getting Into Air

The issue of pet hair in the air will never come when there is no hair on any primary surface of your home, including furniture. Here are some tips and tricks to consider for treating pet hair well to prevent them from getting into the air.

Maintain Pet Grooming Routine

Brushing your pet's hair and keeping them always clean must be your compulsory routine. Before hair gets into the air, the brush will pick hair from the coat, limiting its floating.

You just need to brush the hair gently to avoid removal from the root. Grooming and proper cleaning will keep things organized. If you find it uncomfortable, take your pet to a grooming salon where all care will be done attentively using the right tools.

Get A FURminator

FURminator is another important tool for maintaining pet hair and preventing them from shedding into the air. This tool has a brush and a razor to pick up loose hair. Even combing can also do this job without taking much effort.


There could be lots of pet hair on your carpets and rugs, which are not easy to remove. However, a squeegee will help in a great way to collect piles of pet hair and even dander.

Vacuum Cleaning

You should vacuum clean only after using a squeegee. A robot vacuum might prove a big help. You can use it on all surfaces, including carpeted and hardwood floors. Regular vacuuming will leave no dirt, dust, or pet hair on your floor, preventing them from spreading into the air.

What Happens If You Inhale a Large Amount of Pet Fur

It is unsafe to inhale even minor quantities of pet hair or fur. This can cause severe nasal irritations and other respiratory issues. Especially dog hair and dander aren’t safe to inhale as they can trigger asthma attacks and other allergies. So, you must keep your pets clean and try your best to prevent their hair from getting into the air.

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Final Thoughts

So you have all the details on removing pet hair from the air using tools, appliances, and effective strategies. We hope you will find all methods useful in one way or another.

Wondering if it is worth investing in an air purifier or if it will keep you safe from allergies, remember that it will prove your best savior from most allergens.

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