We will try to cover all the relevant ornaments that have an effect on the monthly cost of a central air conditioner. Fowling points are important in this regard in order to find out an estimate for yourself:

  • Air Conditioner’s Size
  • Air Conditioner’s Age
  • Home Area as In Square Feet
  • The climate of the land you live in
  • The setting of your thermostat
  • Electricity cost kWh
  • Quality of insulation
  • Windows: multi-pane and single-pane

For critical readers like you, the above-mentioned points are enough to make a rough map of your expenses and costs if you want to have an air conditioner that can centrally cool your home during summer.

How Much Electricity Does Central AC Use: Calculate Through Formula

How Much Electricity Does Central AC Use

Another way of calculating the cost is by using a simple formula you just need to understand the wattage of your air conditioner and the price per kWh of electricity in your area. Now to know these things we will recommend you to go for the documentation, find a label on the unit itself or read out the user manual in order to find out the technical facts of your air conditioner.

You can also check it online or can call the technician from the local market. As per the reports of our research team most central air conditioners cost between 3000 to 6000 watts on average.

Tips To Save Energy While Using Air Conditioners

One critical thinking about air conditioners is that they should be kept with great care in order to stay efficient and minimize the chances of messing with the unwanted extra cooling bills during summer. In our point of view, one key factor that decides the cost of your bills with an air conditioner is the running time. Following are the key points to consider while desiring lower bill costs with air conditioners:

Goodman Air Conditioner Model Numbers: A Complete Guide
Goodman is one of the most reliable air conditioner producers who produce both heating and cooling machines which are energy efficient and bring comfort to your home. One big reason for this is the experience that good men had up till now and with time energy-efficient Technology and durability of
  • Consider upgrading your air conditioner as the right choice varies from region to region.
  • Install a smart thermostat that can be used from anywhere through mobile. This stronghold will give more control.
  • Where windows are facing the sun, consider using shades and curtains.
  • Try to use ceiling fans on frequent periods.
  • Try to maintain the peak efficiency of your air conditioner.
  • Using heat-producing devices like ovens is prohibited for better cooling.

Replace the air filter at regular intervals.   When we talk about the major costs everyone has to face at the end of the month, the electricity bill is the largest cost that has to be paid.  Everyone is worried about the costs of electricity that are higher day by day. You may be wondering about how much you have to pay for electricity bills for a year if you use single or multiple central air conditioners on a daily basis and the expenses of its maintenance.

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Find Out The Size Of Your AC Unit.

If you want to calculate the exact amount of yearly cost for your central air conditioner it all depends upon which unit you are using and the number of units. Traditional Ac units are way less efficient than modern technology-based air conditioners and they also consume much more electricity compared to modern AC units. On the other hand, modern technology-based AC units are specifically designed to save the consumption of electricity.

SEER Ratings

There is another big issue that impacts how much your central air conditioner consumes electricity during the summer and what its  SEER ( Seasonal energy ratio) ratings are. You can simply divide the output of an air conditioning unit by the amount of energy required to obtain the final ratings of SEER.

Consumption Of Units

If you are living in a large house of more than  2000 square feet,  and you are using multiple units of the central air conditioner.  The consumption of electricity mostly depends upon the number of units you are using. if you are using old technology-based AC units and they all run at the same time throughout the year it will massively increase your electricity bills.

You can switch the old units to the new technology-based units because they are designed to save the consumption of electricity and they are more reliable.

Hours In a Day

Most house owners are unaware of the fact that if you use your central air conditioner during the daytime in summer. It will consume much more electricity because during the day the temperature is comparatively higher than the night and your AC units do much more work to maintain the temperature inside of your house. This is the main reason why your central air conditioner uses more units in the daytime.

If you are not using all the units or you are not at the home, turn off your All AC units. with this little action, you can save a lot of electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity does an AC use in a day?

If we talk about the average consumption of electricity of a home air conditioner so on an hourly basis it consumes about 3000 watts. If you use it all day, it will consume about 7200 watts. However, it will use only 750 watts hourly if you run it on fan mode only.

How much power does it take to run a central air unit?

On average if we talk about a central air conditioner, it will consume 3000-3500 watts per hour.

On the other hand, a portable air conditioner uses between 2900-4100 watts per hour. A window AC unit hourly uses between 900-1440 watts.

How much electricity does a 3.5-ton AC use?

Usually, it requires a 3.5 tons AC unit to cool the 2000 square feet house. The 3.5-ton AC unit is a large size and it consumes about 3500 watts on average per hour. When a central air conditioner runs on fan mode only it consumes 750 watts per hour.

How much does it cost to run AC for a month?

On an hourly basis, a central air conditioner’s cost of electricity is between $0.06 and $0.88. If you use the AC unit 8 hours a day, we can easily calculate the cost for a month which is $14.40 for the lower end and $211.20 for the higher end.

What uses more electricity, AC or a fan?

A central air conditioner consumes more energy than a simple fan because it uses a fan to throw the air and decreases the temperature of the entire house. On the other hand, a simple fan takes much less energy than a central AC unit. A simple fan uses only 1% of the total energy required for an AC unit.

Final Words

We can sum up the whole discussion by saying that the electricity cost for your air conditioner depends upon a number of factors cited above in the article.

The One Key notion that we would like to highlight here is that your electricity bills are mainly dependent upon the condition of your air conditioner and the time you use it for. You need to look at a number of factors in order to choose the right conditioner for your home at minimum electricity cost.


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