Dogs are naturally supposed to produce some odor that can be problematic for a few people. The current article will give a detailed answer to the question: do air purifiers help with dog smell?

Do Air Purifier Help With Dog Smell

The short and direct answer is that certain purifiers can help eliminate dog smell from your living space. But the notion is not true for all the purifiers available out there.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Dog Smell - Let's Explore It More

Before going into the details, let us first tell you that a good quality air purifier will definitely help you to reduce the bad odor or smell coming out from your pet, just like a dog. In addition to eliminating bad smells, it will keep you safe from the risks of allergy-causing situations. We must like to share that a purifier cannot give you 100 % odor removal; rather, you need to keep a check over several things to achieve the smell-free atmosphere that you desire.

We will recommend you the following things to do in this regard:

  • Install a good quality purifier.
  • Frequently wash and clean your dog.
  • Focus on its diet quality.  
Do Air Purifier Help With Dog Smell

Major Sources Of Dog Odor

In order to remove the dog's smell from its body, you must first understand the sources from where the bad odor originates. It is quite common for dogs to produce a specific odor naturally. Consider the following points:

  • Near the ears and paw pads are sensitive places for bad odor in dogs.
  • Body areas covered with fur are sweat free,
  • Ear Glands can also produce a slight smell.

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The Wet Dog Smell

It is being observed that wet dogs produce a specific kind of smell due to the organic chemical sources that are supposed to produce a slight smell when your dog's hairs are wet. This phenomenon is not supposed to be conducted daily, yet it serves as a major source for dogs to produce unpleasant smells.

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Minor Sources Of Dog Odor

Cleanliness is a key for every living thing existing on planet Earth to keep themselves odor free. Certain conditions can lead your dog towards the production of unpleasant smells that should be eliminated for better atmospheric conditions inside your house. Following are the additional sources of dog smells:

  • Certain food intakes increase skin odor, including fish oil or fish meal.
  • Medicated shampoos or any other medications.
  • Flatulence results due to a bad diet.
  • If your dog remains unbathed for some time.

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Use Air Purifiers To Eliminate The Odor

Air purifiers are one of the best ways to deal with the bad odor of your pet's body. You need to select your air purifier as per your need, and the unit's specifications best suit your needs. We suggest you have HEPA air purifiers which are widely known as a reliable source of removing bad smells, allergens, and other viral or bacterial substances from the air inside your house.

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The advantage of living in a technological world is the opportunity to enjoy the blessings of new and innovative inventions by scientists to make our lives easier and better than before. Similarly, air purifiers are the best source to treat the dirty air and purify it for greater good.

An Easy Way To Get Rid Of Dog Pee Smell

Levoit air purifiers are considered one of the best ways to eliminate the bad odor from your dog, specifically the bad smell of your dog's pee. These air purifiers are specifically designed to deal with such issues due to the three-stage filtration system, which can verify up to 99.97 % of the impurities from the air.

The Fast Cleaning Method For Your Dog

The fast Cleaning Method is given as follows:

  1. Try using dry shampoo.
  2. Focus on cleaning your dog's mouth and ears.
  3. Brush the fur to remove the soil.
  4. Try applying lavender oil.
  5. Finally, spray The vinegar.

Tips To Maintain An Odor-Free Pet-Friendly Home

  1. Try to get the right type of fabric for your sofas and couches.
  2. We will recommend you keep your entrance clean and use it wisely.
  3. It would help if you changed your litter box more often.
  4. Wash and clean your pet regularly.
  5. Keep your carpet clean from the fur.
  6. Your pets should also be neat and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of the dog smell in the air?

You can get rid of dog odor in the air by using these simple steps:

  • First, you need to clean and wash the dog bed.
  • Open all windows and doors and apply some to get fresh air from the outside but remember not to let your dog out.
  • Clean the filters on your air purifier unit to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Choose the unit wisely.
  • Eliminate black light.
  • Use a diffuser to freshen the air.
  • Fill your home with fresh-smelling flowers and plants.

Should I get an air purifier if I have a dog?

Yes, adding an air purifier and taking care of your pet's shedding can reduce the impact of pet hair in your home. If you're someone who has furry pets, it's normal for hairs to get stuck on everything, even if you don't have any allergies. This causes you to sneeze and feel Itchy. So, in this case, it will be beneficial for you to add an air purifier unit.

Do air purifiers collect pet fur?

Unfortunately, most of these pet owners don't know that the pet's hairs are more likely to get stuck on your clothes, bed, carpet, or couch. But if you have too much pet hair floating around your room, HEPA filters are the most effective at removing pet hair from the air.

Where is the best place to put an air purifier?

The best place to clean the air is in your breathing area. You can place the unit on a nightstand or a small table near the bed in your room. Because the closer the unit is to your body, the cleaner air has to travel a shorter distance before it reaches you. This way, you can get the best quality fresh air for your breathing purposes.

Final Words

To summarize the entire discussion, we can conclude that using an air purifier will remove pet odors from your home. Some units with special activated carbon filters are very effective at removing pet odors from the air. But HEPA filters are very effective in this regard; they can absorb pet odors from your indoor environment and remove pet hair from the air.

You can also remove pet odors, especially dog ​​smell, from your home with proper care of your dog's shed and the addition of a good air freshener. If you want the most out of the unit, you can place it on a nightstand or small table in your bedroom.

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