Sometimes, air conditioning may be costly. These devices have several significant advantages compared to window air conditioners and ducted air conditioners.

Every piece of machinery can cause issues sometimes. You cannot afford to neglect to give that one piece of equipment the necessary maintenance. One of the main issues in split air conditioners is their drain pipe blockage. You must check to see whether it is running properly or not.

And the question arises if one notices that the air conditioner drain line is blocked, how to clean it?

Like cleaning a hose pipe, wiping the split AC drain pipe is easy. Condensate water must flow freely; therefore, be sure of it. And part of it is making sure the drain pipe is kept as spotless as possible.

You can brush it or use a commercial dry/wet vacuum. If your unit isn't on the ground, you'll need to go to the top of the ceiling to get to the drain.

In this blog, we will see in detail how to know that the drain line of a split ac is blocked and how to clean it. Let's start without any further blaa blaa!

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How To Determine If Your Split AC Drain Pipe Needs Cleaning?

How To Determine If Your Split AC Drain Pipe Needs Cleaning

Many things can go wrong if the split AC drain pipe becomes unclean, including bacterial development inside the unit and leaks that cause water damage. You didn't realize that you can take the appropriate step by determining when the drain pipe or line requires cleaning.

Water not draining out of the drain, which may be due to clogging inside the split AC drain line, is one of the clear symptoms that needs to be cleaned. Don't misunderstand; while there is a chance that another factor contributed to the problem, the major offender is a clog.

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Unclean water leaking out of the outlet is one of the symptoms that the split AC drain pipe needs cleaning. Cleaning the drain as soon as you notice brown water flowing out of it is necessary to prevent things from getting out of control and clogging.

There is a split AC drain pipe issue, particularly a clog, if you observe any water damage surrounding the home air conditioner, over your floor near the inside unit, or close to the outside unit's fan. The best action is to clean it.

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When it occurs, you should look into it right away. Starting at the drain port and gradually working your way up, you should clean anything obstructing the drain before beginning the check.

The best feature is that when the AC's pipe clogs, the issue activates a safety switch and prevents the AC from working. If you notice a musty odor starting to permeate your home, there is probably a blockage in your air conditioner's drain pipe that allows water to build up inside the machine.

Ways To Clean Your Split AC Drain Pipe

Ways To Clean Your Split AC Drain Pipe

Cleaning the drain pipe of a split AC is not too difficult. You can complete the task on your own without assistance. However, as you must gather your supplies before beginning, you don't need to stress about it at this time.

Things You Need Before Starting

  • Wet/dry Vacuum Cleaner (or you can use Regular Vacuum)
  • Small Hand Towel
  • Flexible Drain Brush
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Grip Tape
  • Electrical Tape

Considering the split drain connects to the outside from the internal unit, the installation will involve a pipe going through the walls. Working your way up, you must begin at the drain outlet outside the home.

To find a pipe that is dripping water, inspect the wall where its indoor unit is located. You can begin the thorough cleaning if you're able to see it.

Usually, you won't have to deal with challenging plumbing here. The best action will be to hire an air conditioning specialist if your unit's drain is underground.

Now, let's begin the cleaning process step by step:

Step 1: Switch Off The Air Conditioner

Safety is paramount. As a result, hurry to the main switchboard and shut off the AC breaker. Shutting off the unit's connection from the panel board will ensure that no electricity is flowing through it when you are working on it.

Step 2: Utilizing A Wet/Dry Vacuum To Clear The Drain Line

Cleaning the drain line is an easy next step to take. Grab your dry/wet vacuum and a moist hand towel, and head outdoors to the drainpipe. The vacuum hose will fit snugly and airtight if you wrap it around the pipe.

The drain pipe and vacuum cannot sit together and remain airtight according to their respective sizes.

Therefore, the moist tissue or towel can seal the additional area and enable some suction. To remove any potential obstructions from the split AC drain pipe, plug the vacuum hose and operate the machine for a few minutes. Draining the water from the line won't do any harm.

More brown water ought to emerge, as you'll see. If there were a blockage, the vacuum would collect filthy water. You're not done yet, though. The inside unit, where the entire water condensation begins, must go through the same steps.

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Step 3: Cleaning Of The Indoor AC Unit

Slide open its front panel with the power off. For removal instructions, consult your user manual. On the bottom part, it usually has plastic snaps that you click to open. Air filters should be removed. Before putting them back in, it would be great to vacuum them.

Remove the Phillips screws, then take the plastic cover out and set it aside. The bottom of the interior unit also includes plastic snaps that you may press in to release. To release, move the panel up and forward.

Read your user guide to learn how to remove the interior panel for your specific model. Access the drainage pipe after removing the interior panel located at the bottom.

After that, search for a seal that connects the AC's drain to the drain pipe. Mention and remove every tape, including electrical tape typically used as a sealant, with grip tape acting as the insulation.

Get a bucket and start gathering water that may leak from the pipeline before you attempt to separate the joints. Grab a drain brush, then move it back and forth while attaching the air conditioner.

Similarly, treat its other pipe that empties outside. The brush should be moved as far as possible.

Pour some bleach into the drain pipe to remove any debris and eliminate any bacteria that may have begun to develop there. Grab the damp towel, cover the drain where it joins the AC unit, and then attach the vacuum hose.

Use the vacuum for a few minutes to remove everything that was scraped off while brushing. Apply the same technique to the opposite drain half.

Take electrical tape & handle to patch the joints where you discovered them after connecting the drain pipes. Slide the inside panel back into place after repositioning the split AC drain pipe.

Put the outer panel back in place and tighten the Phillips nuts you removed when you opened the appliance. Install the top cover after inserting the cleaned filters.

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Is Cleaning The Split Air Conditioner Improve Its Efficiency?

As you can see, cleaning an air conditioner drain pipe is a simple procedure that only requires a few tools. All you need are a few basic DIY skills to complete this. You'll notice a difference in the air conditioner's performance after cleaning the filters and the drain.

You can avoid obstructions and health problems from unclean air conditioners by doing this frequently.

How Frequently Should A Split AC Drain Pipe Be Cleaned?

Depending on your air conditioner's functionality and how dusty the air filters become, once every month.

The drain pipe will have some debris and need to be cleaned if your air conditioner filters accumulate more dirt than usual. To increase the efficiency of an older model, you should clean the entire device at least twice.

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In this article, we have told you about the whole cleaning process of your split AC drain pipe. Follow the procedure just as it is mentioned above. It is not rocket science to clean it.

However, contact the technician to sort out this problem if you can't do it. If you have any suggestions or queries, mention them in the comment box below.

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