Once you are familiar with the decoding techniques of the codes given in the model number, you can easily identify the following informative points:

  • Size of the unit
  • Unit's authenticity
  • Manufacturing year of the respective product

By knowing exact details you can critically maintain your air conditioning unit for better results.

This article will share all the relevant information to help you read and understand a carrier model number. So, keep reading the article from the start till the end to grab the topic.

How to Read a Carrier Model Number - The Reading Method

Reading a model number is difficult, especially when reading a carrier unit model number.

It requires a clear understanding of the syntax of the model number as it combines the sets of digits where each set refers to the precise information regarding the unit. Following is the syntax for the model and serial numbers for carrier products and units:

Model Number

  • The first two digits show the type of product.
  • After that, three letters refer to the model number.
  • Right after the model, three digits refer to the cargo.
  • After that, there is only one digit telling the voltage.
  • In the end, there is a sequence number consisting of two digits.

Serial Number

  • Alphanumeric Codes
  1. Ten Codes:
  • The first two digits are for the manufacturing week.
  • After that, two digits tell the manufacturing year.
  • One letter in sequence refers to the plant.
  • In the end, there is a sequence number of five digits.
  1. Nine Codes:
  • In this nine-digit code, the first two digits are for manufacturing week.
  • The next two digits are for the manufacturing year.
  • After the first four digits, there is one letter for the plant.
  • The last four digits are for the sequence number.
Serial Number
  1. Eight Digit Codes:
  • The first letter is for the manufacturing month.
  • The next digit is for the manufacturing year.
  • After that comes the sequence number consisting of five digits,
  • Lastly, one letter is for the plant.
  1. Five Digits Code:
  • The first digit is for the manufacturing year.
  • The next one is a letter for the manufacturing month.
  • Lastly, there is a three digits sequence number.
  • The Digits
  1. Nine Codes:
  • The manufacturing year is given in the first two digits.
  • Manufacturing week is given in the next two digits in the sequence.
  • The last five digits are for the sequence number.
  1. Seven Codes:
  • The first digit is for the manufacturing year.
  • The last six digits refer to the sequence number.
  1. Six Codes:
  • The manufacturing year is given in the first digit.
  • The last four digits are for the sequence number.

If you have a carrier unit, then the above information regarding the syntax of the model and serial numbers will help you uncover some important information regarding your unit that might help you form an informed decision.

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Decoding Carrier Model Number

The codes given by the manufacturers to their products are quite difficult to decode and understand.

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A layperson without prior knowledge can never get the desired information through the code. Because of this reason, we are here to help you. The model number is not only to tell you the model of the product; rather, it can give the following details as well:

  • Type of the product
  • Its model number.
  • Size of the product and its cargo.
  • The manufacturing codes.

For example 38HKS014-121

Now to uncover the information given in the above code example, read the following points:

  • Product type is mentioned in the first two digits of the codes, as mentioned earlier.
  • The model of the product is given in the next three letters in the sequence.
  • After that, the three numbers are for the cargo.
  • The next digit in the sequence is the voltage code.
  • Lastly, two numbers refer to the manufacturing codes.

Where to Look for the Model Number?

The user manual is the first thing we will recommend to you in this regard. If you want to know your product's model or serial number, then go for the manual and find it out there. Otherwise, you can have the model number pasted on your unit. Consider the following points for better understanding:

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  • Check your user manual.
  • You may find it at the back of your unit.
  • Sometimes it is pasted on the metal door.
  • Check your rating plate.

Knowing the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Before deciding on the HVAC system for their home, many consumers are more likely to be concerned about the estimated lifespan of the unit. The lifespan estimation is highly subjective as it depends upon the various variable factors for different units.

As per our research and observation, the general lifespan for your HVAC system would be 15 to 25 years.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing the conclusion, we can sum up the whole discussion by saying that you need to learn the syntax of the model number to identify the information given in its codes.

Decoding the codes is not simple and requires detailed information and prior knowledge. If you have prior knowledge and syntax of the codes, you can identify the product type, manufacturing week, manufacturing year, cargo, and other relevant information regarding your carrier system.

You can find the model number in the user manual, at the back of your system, and behind the metal door.


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