Suppose you want to save your electricity bills at the end of the month. In that case, it is quite important to maintain your HVAC system because when it is working efficiently, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed during most of your spending in your home.

Let's talk about the settings for the furnace fan in the winter season. It would be best if you chose the option of "AUTO" because using this alternative can save a lot of energy consumption and help retain the optimum temperature in your home.

On the other hand, during summer, the best setting for the thermostat fan is "ON," as it will help the air conditioner to reduce the temperature coming from hot corners like Kitchen in the house.

Should the Fan Be on When the Heat Is on- What Is Right for You?

The blower of the HVAC system depends upon the thermostat fan setting because the exhaust fan can control air circulation ( according to weather conditions) to maintain the temperature until it matches the thermostat settings.

That means the blower fan runs continuously until the desired temperature is achieved. So, you might have thought, how should the fan be on when the heat is on?

hould the Fan Be on When the Heat Is on

ON Mode

The easy answer to this question is it all depends on the temperature requirements of you and your family. If some of your family members suffer from allergies or other symptoms, then constant air circulation can help reduce these symptoms. All you need to do for this is change the settings from "AUTO" to "ON."

The benefits Of Setting Your Thermostat On

Continuous Air Circulation

If you allow the blower fan of the thermostat to run continuously, it will increase the circulation of cold and warm air according to the season in your home. It will also reduce the temperature effects from hot or cold spots inside your house.

Reduce Stress On Fan

Choosing the setting ON for the furnace fan will decrease the stress on the fan because frequently on and off can reduce its lifespan. But if the fan runs continuously, it will increase its efficiency and life cycle.

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Clean Air For Your Home

You will get fresh air for breathing purposes if the fan can draw the air through a filtration or UV light system, and it is only possible when the blower is running uninterruptedly.

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Disadvantages of Setting Your Thermostat On

Increase In Electricity Bills

Continuous running of a blower fan can increase power consumption, increasing the electricity bills at the end of the month. Some blowers are specifically designed to operate in on mode. Others are not rated for continuous use.

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Cause Of Cold Air

During the winter season, you must have noticed that when the fan is continuously running, the cold air coming from a direct outside source can cause a decrease in the temperature, and you will feel cooler.

Replacement Of Air Filter

Constantly blowing air for the Furnace fan can damage the filter, and you need to change it frequently. It can increase your overall expense.

Problems In Summer

During hot weather, The warm air will fill your house through any duct attached to the exterior wall. In this way, Your HVAC system needs to run harder to reduce the temperature.

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On the other hand, to save your electricity expenses, the best option is "UTO" settings. But if your elders are living with you, choose the thermostat fan settings to "ON" because the continuous air circulation will keep them safe and feel more comfortable, especially during summertime.

The benefits Of Setting Your Thermostat AUTO

Reduce Energy Consumption

Suppose you select the Auto setting for your thermostat. In that case, you will save more energy, reducing your electricity bills because the fan will get only one when the system is on and NOT according to the system.

A clogged filter often forces The generator to work harder and consume more energy than usual.

Better Air Quality

When the blower fan runs on auto mode, the air is constantly cleaned, which can clog the Furnace filter because of dust build-up. So, in this case, you will need to change the filter more than once in a specific period.

Help To Reduce Humidity

Is the blower fan running constantly? Will it help you to remove excessive humidity in your home during summertime? When you show the ON setting, the fan will not run according to the system's operation,

then the moisture starts dripping, and It can damage the cooling coils. But when the fan runs uninterrupted, the moisture will not have a chance to dribble.

Disadvantages of Setting Your Thermostat AUTO

Disturbed In Circulation Of Air

You may have noticed that when the blower does not properly circulate the court or cold air Until the temperature of the environment matches the temperature of the thermostat. The fan will stop moving air through your home when the readings are equal.

The motor May Be Damaged.

Due to the constant running of the furnace fan, the blower motor can be damaged due to repeated starting and stopping.

Low Air Quality

You may not get clean air in your home on the AUTO setting compared to ON mode, as you will get clean and clear air.

Frequently Asked Question

Should I run the fan on my furnace in the winter?

Continuously running the fan of the furnace will increase the lifespan of your furnace air filter, Which can save the repair expenses. But typically, running the filter fan during the winter is not recommended because It can increase cold air circulation throughout your house.

Why is my furnace fan not kicking on?

If you have found that the fan does not start, maybe there is an issue in the world, or the circuit breaker is tripped. On the other hand, when your thermostat may be as at fault, in this case, you need to call an HVAC technician that can properly diagnose and remedy the problem.

What is a good setting for heat?

According to the energy star ratings, You should set your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit if you want the ideal balance of comfort and energy saving in your home.

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Final Words

To summarise the entire discussion, we can conclude that if you are wondering what the best settings for the Furnace fan are? Then most people would say no, but it depends on your and your family's needs.

If your room is big and the temperature is high, the continuous running of the fan can circulate the air properly and make the room more comfortable. If the role is small and the temperature is low, it will not help in this matter.

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