Some people also recommend it as one of the best remedies for a baby’s cold and congestion. But is eucalyptus oil really safe for babies?

You may be tempted to try it for your child's treatment, but before starting, you must find the answer:

Can I use eucalyptus oil in a humidifier for a baby? In this article, we have shared a detailed analysis after extensive studies and tests to highlight the benefits and harms of essential oil, the right ways to use eucalyptus oil around babies, and under what circumstances you shouldn’t use it.

Things to Know Before Using Eucalyptus Oil For Babies

Though eucalyptus oil offers many advantages, before you apply it directly on your baby’s skin or put it in a humidifier, here are some important considerations for you.

  • Medical professionals do not recommend using eucalyptus oil for babies under ten years of age.
  • The irreversible side effects will create more respiratory issues.
  • Use any essential oil only if an expert recommends it, or try the safe alternatives.
  • Do not use concentrated forms; sometimes, even diluted eucalyptus oil poses high health risks.

Can I Use Eucalyptus Oil In Humidifier For Baby? Is it Safe?

Can I Use Eucalyptus Oil In Humidifier For Baby Is it Safe

There’s not a single type of eucalyptus oil, and each has different ingredients in different quantities. However, 1, 8-cineole is present in almost all types, but the amount may vary. The high amounts of this ingredient can directly affect the brain and nerves. Your child may even get severe respiratory irritations and congestion.

Some people suggest rubbing it over babies' chests to relieve cold, which can lead to discomfort and a burning sensation. If mistakenly inhaled a few vapors, there is a high risk of seizures and even death. So, you should never use eucalyptus oil in humidifiers for a baby under the age of 10 years. The skin of infants isn’t immune enough to bear these essential oils, and you must take precautions for their safety.

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Why Eucalyptus Oil Isn’t Safe For Infants?

If by any mistake, your child has inhaled 3 to 5 mL of concentrated eucalyptus oil, there is a high chance of coma and seizures. It also has many harmful effects if applied directly over the skin.

It can cause skin irritations, redness, and burning sensation by triggering skin allergies. Respiratory failure and central nervous system disturbance are the most common results in severe cases.

The narrow airways of the baby can’t bear these high fragrances, which leads to difficulty breathing.

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What Is The Safe Way to Use Eucalyptus Oil In Baby’s Humidifier?

What Is The Safe Way to Use Eucalyptus Oil In Baby’s Humidifier
  • Before using eucalyptus oil or any other essential oil in the baby’s humidifier, dilute it by adding water or some other mild oil, such as coconut or almond oil.
  • Test it on the leg or arm of the baby to see if there are any side effects or allergies. Never use pure eucalyptus oil because of its adverse effects.
  • Among other essential oils, never use peppermint oil for babies due to health risks.
  • Also, keep these oils distant from direct sources of heat.
  • The minor amounts are safe to inhale, but ingestion can prove the deadliest.
  • Always consult with specialists before trying these oils around babies.

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Can I Use Essential Oils In My Baby’s Humidifier?

Studies have shown that most essential oils are safe for therapeutic purposes for all ages of people except for babies or infants. They do not pose any health risks to babies if used properly. Some specific oils are safe to use in humidifiers or apply to the body of kids.

You must use their diluted amounts because they are extracted directly from plants in pure form. Using the wrong proportions of these essential oils in a baby’s humidifier will severely hinder normal breathing.

Can I Use Essential Oils In My Baby’s Humidifier

What Are Some Safe Essential Oils Safe For Babies?

A variety of essential oils are widely used for treating congestion in children. Some of them are safe to use in mild or diluted forms.

  • Eucalyptus oil (Diluted)
  • Rosemary oil (Diluted)
  • Bergamot oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Cypress oil
  • Geranium oil
  • Nutmeg oil
What Are Some Safe Essential Oils Safe For Babies

All essential oils aren’t necessarily safe for babies due to their harsh nature and bad health impacts. Some of the popular but not safe for infants oils are:

  • Eucalyptus Oil (Concentrated)
  • Peppermint oil
  • Rosemary oil (Concentrated)
  • Verbena
  • Fennel
  • Wintergreen oil

What Are The Advantages of Using Eucalyptus Around Babies?

  • If your baby is ten years old, inhaling eucalyptus oil will help widen nasal airways for comfortable breathing and prevent bronchitis and congestion.
  • Massaging this oil will improve the circulation of blood all inside the body.
  • It is considered one of the best essential oil for disinfecting areas.
  • You can also apply it over the wound as an antiseptic to prevent bacterial infection or inflammation.
  • Eucalyptus oil is an important component of every home remedy, and only a few drops are enough to do wonders.
Do You Need A Humidifier With An Oxygen Concentrator?
People suffering from lungs issue and heart diseases often need supplemental oxygen for normal breathing provided by an oxygen concentrator.

How to Use Eucalyptus Oil For Baby Congestion & Cold?

Rubbing a few drops of diluted eucalyptus oil are best to treat chest congestion and cold. The baby’s throat will get rid of irritations, and breathing will improve. However, medical experts highly suggest using tea tree oil if your child suffers from a cold or cough.

However, using essential oils is comparable to chemotherapy for children, which should be done under extreme circumstances. Other ways can solve minor issues, but if your baby has acute respiratory issues, you can use eucalyptus oil after the doctor’s recommendation.

You may wonder if essential oils are not safe in humidifiers for babies; what else should you use? We’d recommend using alternative oils such as pine, fir, spruce, or cypress for chest congestion.

Wrapping Up

There isn’t a simple answer to the question: Can I use eucalyptus oil in a humidifier for a baby because many complications are involved? Many people will give 100% recommendations in its favor, while others suggest you never use it.

 We hope you clearly know the safe ways to use eucalyptus oil for babies and preventive measures. Follow all guidelines to protect your babies from becoming prey to health risks.

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