Like cleaning the bucket, you may also disinfect the bucket, which is what we will go through.

How To Clean Dehumidifier Bucket? - Stepwise Guide

Getting Ready

The foremost step is to take care of the electricity supply. Please switch off any electric supply first. It will be safe for you and the device as well. Take a dry and wet cloth and get ready.

Cleaning Exterior  

Cleaning the device's exterior is better before cleaning the device's bucket. It will prevent the dirt from returning to the bucket after cleaning it. So remove debris from the device's exterior by scrubbing and sweeping it.

You can do it with a moist towel. If stubborn or oily areas won't come off with a simple wiping down, utilize a detergent and warm water or an all-purpose cleanser. After wiping it, use a dry cloth to clean off the exterior.

Cleaning The Bucket

Usually, dehumidifiers have a  bucket that requires to get drained periodically; users can undoubtedly notice how unclean and polluted the bucket may become. The downside is that the bucket now contains germs.  First, empty the bucket into the basin and give it a good scrub.

Employ a cleanser and a brush to clean the container from all sides. Utilize a gentle soft brush and mild dishwashing liquid to remove debris the cleaner left behind. Let it dry for a while now. This cleaning process removes dirt, grime, molds, and other particles.

Bucket Filter Cleaning  

Keep in mind that not every dehumidifier includes the bucket filter. You must know that this filtration can capture any lingering dust or allergens produced by the device.

This filter is far more compact than the primary filter. One may check the product handbook to see whether the machine has one, but in most cases, you may find it in the tank. You should use lukewarm water to clean the bucket filter. When it has dried thoroughly, place it in its original spot.

Bucket Filter Cleaning

Disinfecting The Bucket

A mixture of vinegar and water is utilized to disinfect the dehumidifier. To prevent mold formation, fill the tank with this solution and scrape the inside with a small brush. Let the acid solution sit in the container for 40 mins, depending on the tank's status, before washing and wiping it with a cloth to ensure full disinfection.

Disinfecting The Bucket

Plug-In Again

After cleaning it, you can now put the dehumidifier parts back together. Now plug it in with the cable connection. From now on, your device is once again functional.

Considering how often someone utilizes the device and the conditions in the home,  cleansing the dehumidifier and bucket every two weeks is recommended. Unlike routine cleaning, filters will get blocked with hair, dirt, and other impurities, preventing clean air from circulating. The fungus and germs in the liquid will multiply in the container. The mineral wastes will seep into the circuits and pump and thus can harm the device.


What Happens If You Will Not Clean The Dehumidify Filters?

Filter maintenance ensures that the dehumidifier's inner workings remain dust-free. Therefore you must clean and replace them over time. You should clean the filtration by rinsing it and letting it dry.

Is Cleaning The Coils In Dehumidifier Essential?

You may clean the coils by employing a delicate brush. Brush them to get rid of the grime buildup.

In The Dehumidifier, What Is A Brown Substance Accumulated?

The water includes traces of minerals, notably calcium carbonate deposits. When water has evaporated, it leaves away elements such as calcium and others. The accumulated stuff inside the humidifier is sediments that have become brown over time.

Bleach And Vinegar—Which Is More Effective Against Mold?

When eradicating mold, vinegar outperforms bleach in the cleaning unit. Outside of very specific situations. Despite the use of bleach, some mold spores will persist in most situations.

Is It Possible For Mold To Thrive In A Dehumidifier?

Utilizing a dehumidifier aids in preventing mold and mildew growth, which is a major advantage. On the other hand, the dehumidifier's coil, storage tank,  and other components create ideal breeding grounds for yeast, spores, fungus, and germs.


It is now concluded that cleaning and washing the dehumidifier bucket is essential for its long life. So you can do it carefully while using vinegar and soap. There is an excellent guide on why the Dehumidifier is Not Draining Into A Bucket.

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