This article is for you if you want to uncover all the known reasons behind this phenomenon with their solutions.

Air Conditioner’s Working Mechanism: In simple words, we can say that this random on-and-off situation with your car AC occurs when the pressure made of five components transmits the refrigerant in liquid to gaseous form due to temperature change.

Car Ac Going In And Out; The Expected Reasons

Car Ac Going In And Out

The experts in the field rightfully say that if you want to know the machine, be the machine. The court is very true to the extent that in order to uncover the reasons behind the mechanical fault you must first need to understand the air conditioning system of your car. Our research team has worked on your behalf for days and nights to uncover all the expected reasons behind your car AC going in and out.

In this article, we are going to cover the top 8 common reasons so that you can deal with the issue of your car air conditioner which is turning on and off randomly.

Why your car AC turns on and off: briefly explained through these ways

Let’s find out with us in easy words why your car’s AC is going off and on randomly. The air conditioning system of a car AC consists of five parts. When the temperature is changed inside the car it exerts massive pressure on these parts of the AC and converts refrigerant into the form of vapors and transmits it into gaseous form.

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Short cycling is the process that makes your car’s AC on and off. It is the most common and noticeable phenomenon. In normal circumstances, the compressor of the car AC turns on until the temperature reaches the set temperature on the thermostat. Before the compressor of the AC turns off a single cycle lasts about 20-25 minutes. When the keen temperature of your car is rising again it starts the pattern again.

Some important reasons behind the short-cycling:

  • Dirty air filter
  • Improper size of air-conditioner
  • Leakage of refrigerant
  • Failure of thermostat
  • Leakage of the ventilation system of the car

Dirty compressor or condenser

Another reason why your car AC is on and off randomly is a clogged condenser. When dirt blocks the condenser it exerts massive pressure on refrigerant and converts it into vapors and your AC struggles with problems like overheating and shuts off randomly. When you turn on and off your car’s AC in the wrong then the dirty coil of the Condenser affects other parts of the unit.

When the condenser is covered fully with dirt then it’s impossible to reduce the temperature inside the cabin because the pressure converts refrigerants into vapors.

Dirty Cabin Air Filter

Dirty air filters are the most common reason behind the mostly air conditioning problems. If you don’t replace the air filter on time and there is dust present near the vent it will cause issues for your car’s air conditioner and it’s the right time to change the air filters. When you notice the major issues with your car’s air conditioner the dirty air filters are at the top of the list.

When the dirt builds up on air filters it reduces the airflow of your car’s AC which leads to freezing up the coils and then it turns off randomly without completing the cycle. Proper cleaning of the air filter will prevent your air conditioner from having major issues. The process of cleaning is pretty easy you can do it by yourself.

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Leakage of Refrigerant

Freon is the nonflammable gas present in your car’s air conditioner. It takes part in the process of evaporation. There is no doubt that leakage of freon can cause constantly on and off of your car’s air conditioner.

signs of freon leakage in your car’s air conditioner:

  • If you have noticed the greasy liquid under the cabin inside of your car.
  • If you have heard the sounds of laughing or crying from your cooling system.

The other mechanical reason is the layer of frost on the coils of the evaporator. Like dirty cabins, dirty air filters also lead to continuous on and off of your car’s air conditioning system.

Dirty Evaporator

Like other issues going on and off of your car’s air conditioner, the dirty evaporator system is also noticeable in this list. The biggest problem is the freezing of the cooling system. blocked evaporators are the main reason behind the repeatedly on and off of your car’s AC. Water collected under your vehicle is an indication of a freeze-cooling system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my AC come and go?

If your car AC gets cold from hot in seconds and gets too hot when you restart it. Then the problem is the expansion valve of your car’s AC. when the expansion valve of AC removes the liquid pressure from the refrigerator then due to expansion liquid converts into vapors in the evaporator. And if the expansion valve is blocked permanently then it could cause restrictions in the flow of the refrigerator.

Why does my AC keep kicking on and off?

If your car AC is doing short-cycling and repeatedly starting up and then overheating and shutting down then it is because of some reasons:

  • Maybe due to compressor failure
  • Dirty filters
  • Dirty coils
  • Low refrigeration
  • Frozen coil

If your car’s AC unit is overcharged then it will liquid Freon and get it into the compressor which is the main cause of the malfunction.

How do you fix short cycling?

You can fix the short-cycling of your car’s AC by using these tips:

  • Check the air filters on a daily basis. You will not believe that a   clogged air filter can cause various issues with air conditioning.
  • Maintain the thermostat replacement of the unit.
  • Check the refrigerator levels of your air conditioner.
  • By replacing the control switch of low-pressure.
  • Maintain your compressor.

Can low Freon cause short cycling?

Yes, if the Freon is gone it can cause short cycling. Because the low level of the refrigerator is the most common cause of short cycling in your car’s AC. When the air filter is clogged it causes low refrigeration and exerts massive pressure on the AC system. Due to high pressure, it works harder and overheats in seconds. Which could lead to short cycling.

Should I turn my AC off if it is short cycling?

If your car’s AC is running properly, short cycling should not happen. Short cycling exerts massive pressure on the expensive parts of your car’s AC. It makes the system go down extremely fast and causes high billing. It makes the system go down extremely fast and causes high billing. And takes it to the point where it needed to change years ago.

Final Words

In light of all discussion, we can conclude by saying that if your Car AC is going in and out randomly then it means it requires some kind of treatment.

The above information will help you in understanding the reasons and causes behind this technical fault and also the solutions to fix those issues by acting upon our recommendations which are the results of the long Research and study hours of our research team.


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