Running a fan in a cooling system ensures even distribution of air circulation throughout your home. Change the thermostat settings from "On" to "Auto" to fix the problem. Running the fan can continuously increase your electricity bills and cause further damage. So you may need to worry about this because you want the air conditioner to work perfectly without any issues.

air conditioner fan keeps running when turned off

In this article, we will discuss in depth the many possible reasons why your air conditioning unit's fan continues to run even if the system shuts down. So keep reading with us; we hope you get answers to all your questions about this issue.

Possible Reasons

If you are experiencing the problem of your cooling system fan running frequently, you need to find the exact reasons behind it and how you can fix it as soon as possible. Initially, you will have difficulty determining the exact reason for this unusual system fan behavior if you have never dealt with a problem with your HVAC system. Now we will discuss the possible reasons why the air conditioner fan keeps running when turned off.

The Thermostat Setting Is Set To Fan On

Most people don't even know that the thermostat comes with dual setting options of "On" and "Auto" and are also unaware of the purpose of the dual settings. You can choose the thermostat fan setting according to the unit's needs. If you set it to "Auto" mode, the fan will turn on and off according to the indoor unit's operations. And if you set the component to "ON," the fan will work regardless of the air conditioner's operation or the furnace's condition.

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You can change the thermostat setting by turning off the air conditioning unit, and this requires you to raise the set temperature, but with the constant fan running, you will think the unit is still working.

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How to Fix It

To fix this, you need to check the settings of the thermostat that are currently operating. You need to tune the settings from On to Auto mode if it is on mode. But if auto mode is already set, the problem might be something else.

Damaged Or Broken Thermostat

The component of your air conditioning unit called "Thermostat" is crucial and the hub of your entire HVAC system. A possible number of problems come to light when something wrong happens to the component or it can not deal properly with your central air conditioner. If you have noticed any problem with it or it is damaged, then the unit will not show your room's accurate temperature, which can cause your system to run more time than usual.

How To Fix It

To deal with the issue, you need to check the thermostat to see whether it shows the exact temperature according to the actual temperature in your home. You need to put the thermometer on the wall parallel to it, and if the readings are the same, then it is ok. Now check the batteries; if the battery gives a voltage below the minimum requirement, then change them quickly.

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The relay switch is defective

When the thermostat does not connect properly with the entire cooling system, it may be due to the defective relay switch because it may be stuck or damaged as time passes. In some cases, this also happened with the fan. You can Turn off the unit, but the fan will continue running as it requires professional maintenance.

How To Fix It

In this type of case, you need to call a technician to come and fix the problem, or you can solve the issue on your own if you are well aware of dealing with these types of affairs.

Short Circuit In HVAC System

Maintaining your system properly is a key to keep your system working smoothly. The thermostat will proceed with any commands you give it, a shot circuit anywhere in the HVAC system happens. If you have noticed any issue like this, you need to turn off the air conditioning unit immediately and keep the thermostat running. Many actions can lead to a short circuit, including loose connections, defective wires, and damaged insulation.

How To Fix It

To fix the issue, you need to see the whole system's wiring. If you have noticed any issue, first turn off the power and try to resolve the issue by yourself. Otherwise, you can call a professional troubleshooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my air conditioner fan from running?

  • If the air conditioner fan runs at normal settings, you must switch it to auto mode. Due to auto settings, the fan will run only when the air conditioner is running.
  • Turn off the fan.
  • And then set the fan back to auto mode.

Should the fan be on when the AC is off?

It is not good for your air conditioner if the blower fan runs without starting the unit. The reason behind this is the constant switching on and off of the fan, which can cause permanent damage to the system and also reduce its lifespan. As time passes, the unit will malfunction more frequently. To prevent this, you should turn on the fan and leave it on for a few hours.

What causes the fan to run continuously?

Here are some conditions that could cause a furnace can to constantly Run:

  • If you are using the wrong thermostat setting.
  • The fan setting is set to the wrong mode.
  • Defects in pieces of equipment.

Final Words

To summarize the entire discussion, we can conclude that if the blower fan of the AC unit is running while the unit is off, it is not good for the overall health of the unit's internal components as it reduces the overall life of the unit. The main cause behind this is the faulty components of the unit. The relay switch may cause the air conditioner to run when it is off.


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