Yes, you can use hot and cold water in your humidifier, but follow some important considerations.

If you have a cool mist humidifier, it is advisable to use only cold and hot water, but not too hot. Similarly, you should not add cold water inside a boiling humidifier. This article will discuss the pros and cons of adding hot water to a humidifier while answering all your queries.

Can You Put Hot Water In A Humidifier? - Cool Mist Vs. Warm Mist

The experts highly recommend using water temperature according to the type of humidifier because the incompatibility will lead to irreparable damage to your unit. However, it is advised to use cold water in both cool and warm mist humidifiers.

You can add warm water or water at room temperature inside your humidifier without worrying about damage. Boiling water will not prove beneficial for several reasons, but cold water can save you in many ways.

What Happens If You Add Hot Water In A Cool Mist Humidifier?

What Happens If You Add Hot Water In A Cool Mist Humidifier

Adding extremely hot water can destroy even a warm mist humidifier. However, you will need to care more if using a cool mist humidifier because it isn’t designed to withstand high temperatures.

With the disruption of design, the thermal conductivity of your humidifier will also influence. The filter to trap dust particles won’t perform the task efficiently. The plastic of cool mist humidifiers isn’t heat resistant enough to bear boiling temperatures.

Most importantly, contaminants will also add to the mists when the plastic starts to melt due to high heat. These mists will spread harmful chemicals into your environment. You can go for a warm mist humidifier or one with dual functions.

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Can You Use Boiled Water In A Humidifier?

Do you put hot water in a humidifier? It might be perplexing for people new to using humidifiers. Boiled but cool water is safe for your unit, but too-hot water should never be put inside a humidifier. Here are the reasons you should avoid using boiled water in the humidifier.

Can You Use Boiled Water In A Humidifier
  • If you use tap water after boiling it, there is no surety for 100% removal of impurities. Unnecessary minerals and contaminants will accumulate in your humidifier, blocking its filter.
  • The excessive amounts of zinc and fluorides from the water will build up in the unit and spread into the air when you turn on the device.
  • Some bacteria can withstand boiling temperatures and will survive to cause allergies. So, distilled water with an adjustable temperature is recommended in a humidifier.

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What Water Temperature Is Safe to Use In A Humidifier

What Water Temperature Is Safe to Use In A Humidifier

A suitable temperature is necessary for safety, whether you use a cool or warm mist humidifier. Cool or room temperature water is good for cool mist humidifiers where the temperature should range between 55 to 72 degrees. You can not add ice-cold water to your humidifier.

Cold or lukewarm is safe if you have a warm-mist humidifier. You will get amazing results if you have added distilled water instead of purified or tap water. We advise you to add water at 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

In the market, dual hot & cold mist humidifiers can go with any temperature except too cold or too hot. The recommended temperature for these units is 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What Are The Benefits of Using Cold Water In A Humidifier?

Food & Drug Administration has stated that using a cool mist humidifier with cold water is ideal for better health. The cool air produced by cold water will improve your breathing if you face any difficulty. In winter, hot water in a humidifier will aid opening the nasal passages, but too much hot air can swell the openings affecting normal breathing.
What Are The Benefits of Using Cold Water In A Humidifier

Protects From Burns

The burns will not be easy to bear if hot water accidentally spills on you. Also, hot steam releases when you add water to the device, which can burn your hands. Therefore, a warm mist humidifier will suit best due to its internal heating element to raise water temperature.

Safe for Children

You will need to take extra careful measurements for kids or pets in your home. Keep the humidifier at a place where kids can’t reach it or invest in a cool mist humidifier.

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What Type of Water Is Ideal to Use In A Humidifier?

Not only does water temperature matter, but the water you use in a humidifier also affects your health. Adding too hot or too cold water can damage your health and surroundings. However, adding tap or unclean water can raise several health concerns.

Water you use

The contaminations, mineral accumulation, and bacterial proliferation will trigger skin allergies. The situation will get worse for people with asthma. So, it is only advised to use distilled water in a humidifier because it is 99.9% safe. Another safe option is purified water that comes through the filter without impurities.

Things to Consider For Maintenance of Humidifier

A humidifier is the best solution for skin dryness in winter and a runny nose because it adds healthy mists in the air to provide relief.

A dirty or poorly maintained humidifier will shelter the mold and pathogens. So, make sure to keep it clean and follow careful measures.

Never leave your unit will water when not in use. Always empty it and add clean but distilled water every time you use it.

Final Verdict

So, what water should you use in a humidifier? Can you put hot water in the humidifier? We have elaborated on all the benefits and harms of hot and cold water to clear all confusion.

You can use hot water in your humidifier, but the too-hot temperature will only reduce the lifespan of your unit and lead to health-affecting risks. Cold allergies and breathing difficulty in winter can be best dealt with hot water.

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