The oxygen concentrator picks up the room air and delivers oxygen-rich air. But do you need a humidifier with an oxygen concentrator?

Usually, a humidifier bottle is supplied with an oxygen concentrator to maintain oxygenated and humid air in dry conditions. The dry oxygen is better to pass through a humidifier to alleviate sore throat, nose bleeds, and sinus issues.

In this article, we have answered some of the most asked queries about humidifier bottles for oxygen concentrators.

What Goods A Humidifier Do With An Oxygen Concentrator?

In winter, everyone's body faces different problems, including skin and nasal dryness. Sinus discomfort, nose bleeds, and excessive dryness are treated well with a humidifier with an oxygen concentrator. The device moistens the airways by reducing the harmful effects of excessive dryness.

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Humidifiers are widely used for numerous beneficial purposes to relieve respiratory infections, chest congestion, flu, and colds. Even in dry winters, they help keep skin moist to prevent dryness and allergies.

If you are a patient who needs to use an oxygen concentrator regularly, nasal and lung irritation often creates problems that are best sorted out by connecting it with a humidifier.

How Does A Humidifier With An Oxygen Concentrator Work?

A humidifier bottle works to humidify oxygen-rich air coming from the concentrator.  It is a medical device useful for many therapies and emergency cases. A concentrator consists of about 90% of nitrogen and oxygen gas. The quantity of oxygen in it is 20%, while the remaining amount is nitrogen. The filter installed in the device allows oxygen to move forward while leaving other gasses aside, delivering excessive oxygen to relieve patients.
How Does A Humidifier With An Oxygen Concentrator Work

Humidifiers do not impact oxygen therapy, but high oxygen flow causes dryness in the nasal cavity and mouth. A humidifier will help improve the therapy by providing comfortable air for breathing. So how to connect a humidifier to an oxygen concentrator?

  • Fill the humidifier bottle with distilled water to the marked line, and do not raise the level from the marked area.
  • Fasten the cap of the bottle tightly to prevent leaks.
  • You will find a Velcro strap at the back of the oxygen concentrator, where you can attach a bottle.
  • If your humidifier has a built-in shelf, it’d be easier to connect them.
  • Screw the adapter tubing from one side inside the top position of the cap of the humidifier bottle. The other should reach the oxygen outlet port of the concentrator.
  • You must also attach a cannula supply with a humidifier bottle vent.

Instant bubble formation will occur after the right connection; otherwise, leaks or poor connection are possible.

Humidifier set up for an oxygen concentrator

What Is The Ideal Size of an Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier?

The size mainly depends on the usage of the device. If you plan to use it more frequently to fulfill oxygen needs, the size should be larger. However, if you use a humidifier bottle less often, a small unit will be sufficient to meet your requirements. But remember that you can refill the bottle any time you see a deficiency of water which isn’t a painful task.

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How to Estimate Humidity Levels Best For You?

There is no set limit for the humidity levels. You can keep any settings you feel comfortable with. Usually, the standard rate for a humidifier is 2 Liter per minute. Again, this is not perfect for all, and slight variation in raising and lowering it is possible.

It also depends on the weather and environmental conditions to decide which humidity level best suits your needs. So keep adjusting settings till you find what is ideal for you.

How to Estimate Humidity Levels Best For You

Is It Possible to Use Oxygen Concentrator Without a Humidifier?

It is not necessary to use an oxygen concentrator with a humidifier for some people if they are getting benefits for only their comfort.

However, patients with frequent use of this device will definitely need a humidifier because the dryness will cause much harm, including severe irritations and nose bleeds. Therefore, it is the best practice to use an oxygen concentrator to moisten the air with a humidifier bottle.

Humidifier Bottle For Oxygen Concentrator - How to Use It?

You are aware of the functions and benefits of using a humidifier bottle, but here are some instructions to use it correctly.
How to Use Humidifier Bottle For Oxygen Concentrator
  • When filling the bottle, make sure you do not exceed the marked line. Raising the water levels will cause damage to the concentrator.
  • You must use only distilled water to avoid mineral deposition leading to the units’ failure.
  • Keep checking the water quantity and refill again if needed.
  • Take care of the bottle by regular cleaning, washing with mild solutions, and drying properly.
  • Look at oxygen outlets and inlets by attaching the inlet nut with an oxygen outlet/humidifier adaptor. If the adaptor is cross-threaded, there is a high chance of oxygen leakage.
  • To test the leaks, keep the flow rate at 4 liters, then block the humidifier outlet. The safety valve will whistle in the next 15 seconds if there are no leaks.
  • Once connections are adjusted, connect the extension tubing with the outlet of the humidifier and maintain the flow rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my humidifier increase oxygen in the air?

It has been tested and verified that humidifiers enhance the oxygen contents in the air, which are ideal for reducing headaches, sleep deprivation, and fatigue while providing quality sleep.

How to clean an oxygen concentrator humidifier?

Wash your humidifier with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Keep it in a solution of one part vinegar and three parts water for almost 30 minutes and rinse once again.

Final Thoughts

So, do you need a humidifier with an oxygen concentrator? Connecting a humidifier with a concentrator is compulsory to lessen the effects of dryness from oxygen.

It will moisten the airflow to limit the undesired symptoms, which can lead to major troubles. But make sure to assemble all the components of the humidifier bottle to prevent leakages.

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