If yes, how does it help with dry eyes? Dry eyes problem come into play when eye lubrication through tears is reduced and causes dryness.

You can also feel irritation in the eyes when you spend a lot of time in front of a computer desk. A heater or dry air around you also influences the tear production in your eyeballs.

Therefore, to get rid of the dry eyes issue, we have shared all the possible reasons, symptoms, and remedies for dry eyes with the major role of humidifiers.

What Are The Symptoms of Dry Eyes

  • Dry eye syndrome is common among people living in areas with poor air quality and excessively using contact lenses. According to reports, 20 million US people have dry eye syndrome, and the following symptoms have been detected in each patient.
  • The white eye region turns into red
  • Eyes become sensitive to light
  • Burning sensation
  • Eye fatigue
  • Reduced tear and dryness
  • Frequent headaches

Luckily, all these symptoms are easily curable in several ways, such as artificial tears, less use of contact lenses, consuming fish oil, and above all, humidifiers.

How Humidifiers Help With Dry Eyes

  • Among many advantages of humidifiers, treating dry eyes is also special. Indoor humidity is necessary to maintain health and protect you from many diseases. Here are some effective ways of using humidifiers to help with dry eyes.
How Humidifiers Help With Dry Eyes

Deal With Dust & Contaminants

The major reason for dryness in the eyes is less humidity and more dust particles in the surrounding air. When dust comes in contact with the eyes or other areas of the skin, it tends to suck up all the water and cause dryness.

  • Humidifiers will show a mudding effect on the dust, making dust particles heavy and restricting their floatation.
  • Dust consists of many other components such as pollens, dirt, allergens, dander, germs, bacteria, and more you can’t imagine.
  • When the air is dry, all particles will get onto your skin; some even get inside your body by inhaling.
  • The wonders of humidifiers will ensure balance by adding moisture to the air and preventing these allergens from contacting your body.

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Restores Tear Production

Dust and dryness in the air are not the only culprits of dry eye syndrome. Many other factors also have a significant role.

Humidifier For Babies Congestion - Things To know
Being parents, it is very difficult to deal with sleepless nights when it comes to your infants. Newborn babies have sensitive skin and tissues that require care and safety from the harsh weather effects.
  • Your pets can also suffer from this problem, such as distemper disease is found in dogs which makes them bob their head constantly and sometimes prove fatal.
  • Not only this, but a dog suffering from distemper will also lose the ability of tear production, which leaves the eyes dry forever.
  • The best way to deal with it is to buy a good humidifier, and teardrops can also prove a savior for quick redemption.
  • Your eyes can also lose tear-producing ability which can cause rapid tear evaporation. So, a humidifier will keep you and your pets safe.

How Often You Should Use A Humidifier to Help Dry Eyes

The moisture produced by a humidifier is beneficial for treating eye dryness. If you are suffering from severe dry eyes, it is recommended to use a humidifier regularly. This will ensure the maximum moisture to compensate for the reduced tear production. But before rushing, here are a few things you must bear in mind to get the right output.

  • Keep the humidifier in the right position without losing balance to make the air too moist or less than required.
  • Always clean your humidifier after use. For better results, maintain it regularly to keep it safe from bacterial growth.

How to Prevent Dry Eyes - Preventions and Treatments

There are the following ways to prevent and treat dry eyes.

Artificial Tear

Eye drops or artificial tears are the best remedies for treating dry eyes. They help increase moisture levels and prevent eyes from drying out faster.

Artificial Tear


A humidifier is undoubtedly ideal for dealing with several health problems, including eye dryness. You should install one in your bedroom, office, or living area to ensure the required humidity levels.

Reduce Screen Time

If you spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer, laptop, or smartphone screen, you are making the best effort to dry your eyes. The wide-opened eyes easily dry out of moisture. So, you must reduce your screen time for your safety.

Stay Away From Drugs

Excessive use of drugs such as cigarettes, weed, or other smoke can cause severe eye dryness. Sometimes, sitting in an air-conditioned area for longer also causes dry eyes.

Direct exposure to sunlight is another reason for this issue. So, make sure to quit smoking, take frequent breaks and wear sunglasses to prevent dry eyes for all reasons in a respective manner.

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Reduce the Use of Contact Lens

People popularly use contact lenses, but their side-effect leads to eye dryness. We’d recommend removing lenses before sleeping and using spectacles more often.

What Type of Humidifier is Best For Dry Eye - Features to Consider

What Type of Humidifier is Best For Dry Eye

Many humidifiers are considered good for treating dry eye problems, but the essential factors you must count in your list are mentioned here.

  • The first thing you should look for in a humidifier for dry eyes is its type, either an ultrasonic or evaporative. The humidifier must produce high mist and have the ability to deal with contaminants present in the air.
  • The next thing that matters is the size of the humidifier. It shouldn’t be too small in size as it will directly impact the moisture levels. Large size will work best to cover more area.
  • You should get a humidifier with quiet operation. To prevent dry eyes, you may not want a device that can spoil your sleep due to a loud gurgling voice.
  • Along with the device's size, the water tank capacity should be large enough to provide enough moisture throughout the day without needing to refill it again and again.
  • It should be easy to use and efficient in performance. The body structure, durability, and design all play a great role in its functions. So, you must consider all these features before buying a humidifier to help with dry eyes.

Final Thoughts

Does a humidifier help with dry eyes? Yes, a humidifier is the best solution for this problem in some of the most effective ways.

However, if you have chronic or prolonged dry eye syndrome seeking help from a professional would be better. We’d also suggest getting an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier for this purpose, which will ensure reduced tear evaporation.

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