But for a better understanding of the ways to soundproof your dehumidifier, you must learn a little more about the reasons that cause this noise in the first place. If you're one of those people who are done with the smell of moisture in their homes, you surely need a dehumidifier to make your life convenient. To know more about how to make the dehumidifier quieter, keep reading.

What's A Dehumidifier?

It is an electric appliance used to reduce and maintain the humidity levels in the air. It works by extracting extra moisture from the air.


  • It reduces musty odors
  • Reduces mold on furniture, clothes, etc
  • Reduces dust
  • Reduces allergens

Reasons For Noisy Dehumidifier

It is normal for a dehumidifier to generate some noise, but if it sounds abnormal, it might indicate something is wrong. Some reasons are


An unleveled dehumidifier can create loud noises. You can easily fix this by adjusting its legs straight.

Loose Screws

It can be a major cause of the loud noise. Tighten the wobble screws by plugging out and turning off the unit first. This will make the irritating noise go away.

Inadequate Airflow

If the dehumidifier is placed in a place where it is hard to pull in the air, it will start making noises. The distance of a dehumidifier is mentioned in the manual. You have to read and follow it.

Dirt Buildup

If the internal parts of the dehumidifier are filled with dust, you might hear vibrating noises. The performance and efficiency of the dehumidifier will be affected due to dust build-up, and the only way to fix this is by vacuuming and cleaning.


You'll know when your dehumidifier is making abnormal noises. Look for a leak. If you can't spot it, then call an expert.

Blower Wheel

The Blower wheel needs proper tightening. Spin the wheel with your hand; if it sticks, you might need to replace it.

Fan Blade

It might create a grinding noise if malfunctioning. You can check it by wheeling the fan blade by hand; if it's smooth, it's fine, but if it rubs the fan housing, you might have to replace it.

Fan Motor

If the issue is not with your fan blade and you've checked, it can be a problem with your fan motor. It would help if you used the multimeter on the fan motor to check the receiving power of the motor. If the fan isn't running, but the motor is receiving power, then the fan motor is defective, but if it's receiving enough power but not working properly, then you might have to replace it.


A compressor transports water across the unit and pumps out the excess. It is just like the heart of the body. When the compressor is damaged, it might create loud noises. So replace it.

Damaged Dehumidifier

If your dehumidifier is damaged, then you can face some noise issues. Mostly, noisy fans are the reason, so first of all, check it out. Make sure that your dehumidifier is placed on a flat surface. Tight all the vibrating parts to reduce the noise. Check all the screws, air filters, and every component for damage.

Winix Air Purifier Red Light - All About It
Many air purifiers share the red light illumination, which is, in fact, a caution for the user that the machine is facing some issue that should resolve on time to avoid any major damage from happening to your humidifier.

Parts Replacement

If you cleaned every part of your dehumidifier, but it still is noisy, then it might be possible that your particular part needs replacement. Check and replace the fan blade, fan motor, and compressor. These are the three main parts that can cause noise if they malfunction.

The Water Bucket Isn't Fixed

Fix the water bucket properly in the unit. Otherwise, you might hear rattling noises. Find the best position by shifting the water bucket to a point where the vibration dies.

The Water Bucket Isn't Fixed

Dehumidifier Crackling Noise

Sometimes you hear crackling noises coming out of your dehumidifier; the reasons for these noises can be

Set To Continuous Mode

The compressor takes the most energy to run the dehumidifier. The continuous running of the dehumidifier can lead to loud noises. No matter if your dehumidifier runs with a fan or compressor.

If you keep it running for a very long, it will start making noises. If it's not turned off and runs continuously, then both the sounds of the fan and compressor will combine and form a louder noise. You should never set the dehumidifier on continuous mode.

Faulty Compressor

You might want to check the compressor if you hear crackling sounds coming out from your dehumidifier. A faulty compressor can cause more problems than creating noise.

The intensity depends upon the model and type of compressor you're using. There are piston compressors and scroll compressors mostly used in dehumidifiers. If your compressor is fine, the fixing and fittings might be a problem. If you cannot figure out whether the noise is external or internal, you can get help from an expert.

Dehumidifier Vibration Noise

Internal Components Are Not Tightened

Electric appliances can make noises, but if they are intolerable, you should look at them. When the blower fan rotates, some vibration is necessary.

With excessive usage and less maintenance, your appliance's internal components can be loosened. That can cause more vibrating noises.

Humidifier For Nosebleed - All You Need To Know
Humidifiers are meant to moisten the air when the season is cold, and the air gets dry. The dry air can cause many medical conditions which need to be avoided to sustain and maintain your health throughout the year. Without a humidifier during winters, you might face the issue of nose bleed.

Take some time out of your busy routine and disassemble the dehumidifier for proper cleaning and fixation. Tighten the parts well, and then use them.

The Dehumidifier Is Placed On An Uneven Surface

The dehumidifier is supposed to be in an upright position. If your dehumidifier is inclined or tilted, you might start hearing unwanted noises coming out of your dehumidifier.

Never lay down your dehumidifier while running. It can cause more problems than just making loud noises. Your compressor can get damaged, and the unit's performance can get badly affected.

To Wrap Things Up

Every electric appliance needs maintenance. Proper cleaning, lubricating, and replacing old parts are mandatory if you want your appliance to last longer. It is normal for dehumidifiers to make sounds, but abnormal noises shouldn't be ignored, and you should instantly come into action if that happens.

If you want your dehumidifier to be noiseless, take care of its two most important internal parts, i.e., the compressor and fan. We hope the information was helpful to you.

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