We will help you to deal with the issues you are facing with your Ac. This article will precisely talk about the situation where Ac makes loud noises when starting.

ac makes loud noise when starting

Our first suggestion regarding a noisy air conditioner is to fix it timely. Doing so can prevent any major issue from happening to your system. Keep that proverb in mind when treating your electric gadgets: "A stitch in time saves nine."

Ac makes a loud noise when starting - Noises And Solutions

Our research experts have worked on your behalf to find out the hidden causes behind the common problems of your Ac while starting. In this article, you will find detailed solutions to all the common noise problems of your air conditioning system. First of all, clear your mind of negativities and accept this evident fact that the issue of unnecessary noises coming out of an Ac is quite common.
ac makes loud noise when starting

Keep reading this article to explore the noises and their solutions in detail.

Continuous Screeching Sound

The first possibility is the continuously screeching sound from your conditioning unit while running. Technically speaking, such a sound can be an alarm for a detrimental system issue that must be taken on seriously note to avoid any further damage to the machine. Normally, such an issue occurs due to the faulty fan motor, which should be replaced in such circumstances.

Banging: The Loud Noise

Banging is another common noise issue because your Ac starts making loud noises similar to banging. Banging sound deals with the issue of debris moving around your conditioning system. Another reason behind the banding sound can be a loose fan. It is because the loose fan hits the inside of your Ac system.

Our recommendation in such a case is to power down your Ac right away and call an HVAC professional to fix it.

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Continuous Buzzing Sound

In simple words, the sounds from your air conditioning system alert you that there is some malfunction that should be treated on time to avoid any major damage. Sometimes an Ac starts making a continuous buzzing sound which indicates Electrical Issues like a broken motor, failed compressor, faulty capacitor, and loose wiring. You should call the technical professionals in such a case to fix the problem.

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The Clicking Sound

In our experience, a technical professional must find the exact reason behind the specific sound coming out of your conditioning unit. One such sound is the clicking sound which initiates at the starting point of your AC and sometimes continues to come while the system is running.

The clicking sound indicates an Electrical Issue occurring to your machine that might be traced somewhere in the thermostat, capacitor, or compressor.

A Bad Compressor Makes A Strange Noise

A bad AC compressor sounds rattling. If you notice any noise like this, the unit's compressor is in bad condition, and you need to be concerned about it. Just like when your car makes a rattling noise, it will get worse every time you accelerate. These symptoms indicate that you need to replace your AC compressor immediately.

Excessive sound production can cause irritation and continuous frustration to your mind and soul if your air conditioning system is doing so and not working properly. If you have no experience dealing with air conditioning units, we recommend you to take help from professionals. Let's now talk about the possible solutions below:

Try Lubricating The Motor

This tape is highly reliable and strongly recommended to deal with noisy shoes. All you need is to add oil to your motor to make it run smoothly without producing unnecessary sounds or noises. We will recommend SAE oil to lubricate the motor.

Look For The Loose Screws

All air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to work smoothly without interruption and malfunction. Tightening the loose screws is one of the important parts of maintaining your machine. If the screws of your system get loose, then it might cause some unwanted sounds to be produced by the actions that will irritate you and spoil your comfort.

Maintaining The Coil Fins

Coil fans can also be the source of annoying sound from your air conditioning unit that can be reduced and eliminated through proper maintenance and cleaning of the coil fins. We recommend you use a vacuum brush to clean away the debris from the fins so that the itching sound coming from them can be stopped.

Debris Removal Is A Necessity

Your outdoor system should be debris-free; if it is not, we recommend you remove all the debris in your system and clean it properly to solve the problem. By doing so, you will not only reduce the banging sounds but can also eliminate the clanging noises coming from your Ac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my air conditioner make a loud noise when it starts?

First, if you have noticed this kind of buzzing and beating sound from your air conditioner unit every time you start it, you need to turn it off immediately. There are two possible reasons behind this, the first being that the unit is dealing with debris.

Why does my AC make a weird noise when I turn it on?

When you turn it on, your AC makes a strange noise because the fan motor is dealing with some issues. If the motor in the compressor or the condenser system is broken, it can also cause the unit to make this noise.

How do you fix a noisy air conditioner?

Here are some tips to follow if you want a quiet AC unit:

  • Check the unit's compressor and condenser.
  • You need to tighten the loose screws.
  • Try building a fence around the unit.

Should I turn off my AC if it's making noise?

To discover the source of the noise from your AC unit, you need to inspect the outdoor unit, including the AC compressor and indoor air blower, as soon as possible. Ignoring your air conditioner's noise can cause more damage to the unit in terms of expensive repairs in the future.

Final Words

To summarize the whole discussion, we can conclude that if your air conditioner makes unwanted and strange noises, you need to worry about it because it is completely due to the compressor or condenser indicating deterioration.

To find the source of noise from the unit, you need to check the outside unit, the compressor, and the condenser as soon as possible. Because if you don't find the exact reason behind these strange noises, you are ignoring your AC unit, which is in bad condition. And it can damage the unit's internal components, which can cause extensive damage repairs in the future.

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