Hepa is the number one brand that produces air purifiers of higher quality with higher working potential.

These filters are reliable as they are perfectly designed to filter the large particles, contaminants, viruses, allergic elements, and bacteria from the atmosphere inside your house.

Like everything, the Hepa air purifiers have some side effects too. This article is for you if you want to explore Hepa air purifier side effects in detail.

Hepa Air Purifier Side Effects - Six Side Effects

These air purifiers are considered to be the most reliable purifiers available out there. We will recommend you consider one of the Hepa purifiers to be installed in your room so that you can breathe in a cleaner and more comfortable atmosphere inside your house. But there are six pertinent side effects of owning a Hepa air purifier.

Here, we are going to see some of the common side effects of HEPA air purifiers:

hepa air purifier side effects

Changing Filters Can Be Quite Expensive

You can't use filters over and over again in HEPA air purifiers preferably because the design of the filters is very dense. By using some techniques you can extend the life of the filters but still, the filters need to be replaced on a regular basis.

An important aspect of HEPA air purifiers is that the unit will not work until you change the filter and you have no idea how it can get. Even if you grease and oil them, you cannot clean them properly due to the design of the dark fibers.

Require Continuous Maintenance

Generally, most home appliances do not require maintenance on a regular basis, but air-handling machines require regular service to function efficiently. Similarly, HEPA air purifiers require regular maintenance. You need to clean and replace the filters regularly to keep them working properly.

HEPA Air Purifiers Are Quite Annoying

HEPA air purifiers are well known for being loud. They are so loud that they are considered noise machines. HEPA Air cleaner company often uses language like "a white noise blanket to help your baby sleep" in their ads to promote their products.

If you are looking for a white noise machine and an air purifier at the same time, there is good news for you because a HEPA air purifier does both. A HEPA air purifier uses multiple small fans to blow air instead of one or two large fans. We will advise you how loud the machine is before you buy it.

Do Not Use VOC Filters Or Viruses

A high-efficiency particulate filter is known to have the smallest capacity to filter precipitates as small as 0.3 microns. All these small particles include volatile organic compounds and bacteria and viruses.

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Focus Your Efforts On A Small Area

HEPA air purifiers can be very useful if you use them in a small space because they are specifically designed to work in small environments. You can tell the difference between a small bedroom air through a filter and a large cooler air through a filter. Obviously, a filter will have a harder time filtering air from a large living area than it will from a smaller space.

Induct Systems Of HEPA Cleaners Do Not Work Well

Indoor air purification systems are extending the deadline on HVAC systems as whole-house air purifiers. This is because installing an air purifier inside your central heat and air unit can provide clean air to the entire home as well as clean the air before it is recirculated.

HEPA filters have a high density to prevent the free flow of air that an HP system needs to function properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do air purifiers have any side effects?

Specific side effects of air purifiers include throat irritation, coughing, chest pain, and an increased risk of respiratory infections along with the speed of 10. This is simply because some air purifiers emit ozone gas while working with ion generators, also known as ionizers.

What are the disadvantages of air purifiers?

Here are some of the disadvantages of air purifiers:

  • Regular maintenance is required for the long-term use of air purifiers.
  • If you don’t change the filters on time, it will worsen the air quality.
  • Free space is required to run an air purifier.
  • An air purifier is not fully quiet.
  • Some air purifiers produce ozone gas while running.
  • While the air purifier is running, all the doors and windows need to be closed.
  • By using an air purifier, you do not solve all the indoor air problems.

Should you sleep next to an air purifier?

Yes, you can sleep near an air purifier as it has a positive effect on the human body. Air pollution does not stop at night, so there is no problem if you keep the air purifier on all night or sleep with it on. It will clean the air, so you will relax and experience a night of deep and restful sleep.

What are the two disadvantages of HEPA filters?

Here are some of the disadvantages of HEPA air filters:

  • Most HEPA filters are not able to trap other pollutants such as gas fumes or hazardous chemicals and odors.
  • A list of HEPA filters can be expensive when you have to replace the filters. It depends on how often you change the filter.
  • The shape and compactness of your air purifiers depend on the type of air purifier you have.

Final Words

To summarize the entire discussion we can conclude that air purifiers have positive effects on the human body as they clean the air by removing many pollutants like dust, Smoke, etc.

But air purifiers have some disadvantages as well. Some air purifiers emit ozone gas while working which is very bad for human health and can cause serious health problems like lung infections and can activate respiratory symptoms.


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