A room without a window in summer is no less than hell, where you cannot pass even a blink of a moment with comfort. Feeling that humans are a delicate species, we have come to explain several air conditioning options for your summer season even if your room is without a window.

Air Conditioner For Rooms Without Windows

Air Conditioner For Rooms Without Windows; The Best Options

When it comes to cooling a windowless room, your air conditioning options become limited. For instance, window ACs are the best among air conditioners but as the name suggests they are not made for rooms without windows. Our recommendation in this regard will revolve around portable air conditioners which are undoubtedly better options. Consider the following options in this regard:

  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Wall AC Units

The above two options are ideal to use in rooms without windows to make your summer cooler and more comfortable. Our research team has worked for long hours on your behalf to find the best possible options out there to make your windowless hot room, a cooler and better place.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

This amazing air conditioner comes with the capability to cool more than one room in your home. If you love window AC, we will suggest you consider a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner for your room without a window in order to fight the summer heat. This unit can heat and cool. Consider the following points while choosing this unit:

  • These units have longer life spans
  • They are energy efficient
  • They are easy to install
  • Suitable for both summer and winter: can cool and heat the room
  • Attractive Looks

All these reasons make this unit a perfect choice for individuals who don’t want to get burned this summer by the sun heating too hot out there. This unit can change your life by transforming your room without a window into a cooler and better place to live in summer.

Evaporative Cooler/ Swamp Cooler

If you are someone who lives in a hot and dry area you must face many problems, especially in summer the major problem of heat waves and humidity. An evaporative cooler is also known as a swamp cooler.

Can You Use Dehumidifier With Swamp Cooler? - Detailed Guide
Swamp coolers are excellent cooling tools for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With minimal energy use, it may effectively lower the temperature in your space. The main drawback is that low humidity is required for it to function properly.

It is the most traditional way to get rid of heat and humidity in places where the climate is extremely hot and dry. Evaporative coolers are proven beneficial in hot and dry climates. Consider the following points while choosing this unit:

  • They are way less cheap than other air conditioners
  • They are extremely easy to install
  • Much eco friendly as compared to others
  • Easy to maintain
  • Added much moisture to the air

Evaporative cooler or swamp cooler has a great ability to control the dry climate by adding an accurate amount of moisture in the air. The only difference between evaporation and swamp coolers is the operating cost. Swamp coolers are much cheaper than evaporative coolers.

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Portable Air Conditioners

If you are living in such a room where there is no window or any kind of ventilation during summer then you need to worry about the solutions in order to fight back the heat when the sun is hottest. If you are in such a condition then we will recommend you get portable ACs as they are much more affordable, efficient, and effective in the sense of Cooling solutions for a number of applications during summer.

One big advantage of having a portable air conditioner is that you can use it to cool different rooms for some time of your choice and move it from one place to another in order to fix the issue of hotness in the summer season.

The Wall Air Conditioners

Through-the-wall air conditioners are one of the best options for rooms without windows as these units are capable of cooling one or two rooms to make you feel more comfortable during summer. These units are wall mounted and they are installed on the wall by drilling a hole into it using a sleeve supporting the unit.

Wall Air conditioners are not only less expensive but they are also efficient, in the sense of cooling your room during hot summers. These units have the ability to change your lifestyle during summer by bringing you more comfortable so that you can make your time more productive. You can also have an option of mini-split air conditioners which are similar to ductless Mini split air conditioners.

People also ask for

Can I put an air conditioner in a room with no windows?

Yes, you can put an air conditioner in your room without windows if you use a ventless conditioner. If there is no space for windows in your room and you are worried about how to cool your room. So you can use a portable indoor air conditioner (evaporation cooler) known as a ventless air conditioner.

Is there a portable AC without a hose?

If you want a portable air conditioner without a hose it is physically impossible because the hose is a necessary element of a portable air conditioner. According to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, you cannot build any portable air conditioner unit without a hose and it will not provide cooling for your room.

Do ventless air conditioners work well?

The most asked question is whether the ventless air conditioner works well. So the answer is yes because in ventless AC units there is no process like refrigeration or compression in which the exhaust of air is necessary. A ventless air conditioner or evaporative cooler does not dry the air from your room and also doesn’t decrease the temperature. Compared to a ventless AC unit a normal AC unit works well.

Can you vent a portable air conditioner into a bucket?

Yes, you can run a portable ventless AC unit without any exhaust vent tube. You just have to select the modifier or dry mode and connect the vent tube to the top of your garden or outside the house so you can easily collect the condensed water from the vent tube in any bucket.

Do portable air conditioners use a lot of electricity?

The electricity consumption of a ventless portable Ac unit depends upon the size of the unit. According to average electricity consumption, a middle-size portable AC unit consumes 2900 watts per hour, and a large-size portable AC unit consumes 4100 watts per hour. However, it is very high compared to the central AC unit.

Final Words

To sum up the whole discussion we would like to say that we are really aware of the circumstances you can have during summer in a room without a window and without any air conditioner. but for such rooms, you have limited air conditioning options that are cited above.

we will recommend you choose one of the given options in order to make your summer more comfortable and reliable so that you can enjoy your time and do productive things.


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