The answer is not as simple as you might think.

Oil radiators, ceramic heaters, and infrared heaters are the most reliable and safest heaters to leave overnight. They are secure because of their safe-to-touch surface and other safety features. Running a gas heater all night is never a smart idea.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the safest heaters to leave on overnight. We have also included factors to consider in this regard. Let's begin the journey!

Heaters That You Can Leave Unattended

That You Can Leave Unattended

Ceramic Space Heaters

Electric ceramic space heaters heat by heating ceramic elements with positive temperature coefficients. Most of these appliances are portable and used to heat small rooms.

Using an internal fan, the ceramic heater distributes heat throughout the room. While the ceramic plate warms up, it does not become hot enough to cause a fire. Ceramic heaters are safe to leave on overnight since there is no exposed heating element.

Best Ceramic Heaters to Leave On Overnight

  1. Vornado Zippi Personal Zone Heater

Friedrich Heater F7C097B

Honeywell HYP705BP Space Heater

Space Heaters based on oil

Is it safe to leave an oil heater on all night? The answer is yes. Most homes and similar areas use space heaters with oil to maintain a warm climate. These heaters keep the warm house air through radiant heating and thermal convection.

Fires and burns are prevented by the nature of the heating element on an oil heater. A heater can still ignite flammable materials and liquids, so keep them away from it.

It is impossible to beat oil-filled heaters when heating your room silently and efficiently. To increase the safety of this heater, look for one with automatic shut-off and tip-over protection.

Best oil-based space heaters to Leave On Overnight

  1. Sunbeam Overnight Heater
  2. DeLonghi HMP1500T
  3. Mr. Heater Big Buddy Oil Heater

Electric Heaters

In recent years, electric heaters have become more efficient and can be more efficient when filled with oil or water. Their carbon footprint is minimal, and they are environmentally friendly.

An electric space heater should specify whether or not you can leave it on overnight. If you leave your electric heater on overnight, you should unplug it in the morning. By doing this, you can prevent overloading the outlet.

Best electric heaters to Leave On Overnight

  1. Asterion indoor electric space heater
  2. AirNmore Comfort Deluxe Space Heater
  3. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

Heaters with infrared rays

These heaters work similarly to the sun in heating objects around them. In addition to being cheap, they are also secure. There is no heating of the air or housing surrounding the heater, so there is less chance of a fire.

Keep the infrared heater away from combustible materials, and don't cover it with anything. Ensure the infrared space heater has all safety features, including tip-over protection.

Best infrared heaters to Leave On Overnight

  1. Dr. Infrared Heater DR988 Heater
  2. Duraflame DFI030ARU Infrared Quartz Set Heater
  3. TRUSTECH Space Heater

Factors To Consider Before Leaving On The Heater Overnight

Factors To Consider Before Leaving On The Heater Overnight

There are a few things to consider when deciding if it is safe to leave the heater overnight.

Type Of Heater

The first is the heater type you have. Some heaters, like oil-filled radiators, are safe to leave on for extended periods. Others, like space heaters with exposed coils, do not leave these heaters on for more than an hour or so.

Location Of The Heater

Another factor to consider is the location of the heater. If you will be leaving your heater on overnight, it is best to place it in a room where you can keep an eye on it. Heaters should always be placed on a level surface, away from flammable materials, and out of reach of children and pets.

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that increases your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, you should never leave your heater overnight. This includes people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure, or other cardiovascular conditions.

Safety Precautions When Turning on The Heaters Overnight

The best way to be safe with your heater is to do the following:

Having A Well-Ventilated Room

If you have a heater that uses liquid or kerosene, ensure enough ventilation in the room so that no fumes are leaking into the air. And if you have an electric heater, ensure proper ventilation as well—you don't want carbon monoxide from the electric current building up in your home!

Using A Timer

It may be tempting to keep the heater on all night instead of waking up early and turning it off yourself. However, doing so is risky because many heaters don't automatically shut off when their internal temperature goes above a certain point.

Getting Help From Thermostat

Use some thermostat control device so that everything will turn off automatically if anything goes wrong (like overheating).


Is it safe to leave an electric heater running all night?

It is very safe to keep a modern space heater on for long periods unsupervised, even during sleeping. A heater should have features like automatic shutoff, tip-over protection, a shutoff timer, and an adjustable thermostat.

Is it possible to leave a space heater on 24 hours a day?

Do not use space heaters for warming bedding, cooking food, drying clothing, or thawing pipes. They should only be used to provide supplemental heat. It should be run in spurts. Heaters shouldn't be left on 24/7; they should only be turned on for short periods.

What is the maximum time an electric heater should be left on?

With an upgraded heater, you can keep it on for up to 10 hours without any problems. You should heat your room for two to three hours before sleeping, then turn it off.

Can certain heaters cause CO poisoning?

Unvented space heaters are the most common source of CO poisoning in the home. Combustible fuel and indoor air are used to heat an unvented space heater. Rather than venting the gases outside, it vents them into the room.

Are oil-filled radiators safe to leave on overnight?

Overnight, an oil heater can be left on. Modern electric oil-filled heaters have many advanced security features, such as built-in timers, tip-over protection, thermostats, and more.

Are space heaters safe to leave plugged in?

No. Fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and injuries are all risks associated with space heaters. Plugging it in could lead to these problems.

Are electric heaters better than fan heaters?

Even though fan heaters produce results instantly, they can quickly become overbearing and kick up dust much more than other types of heaters. Electric heaters are slower than gas but usually take only minutes to offer warmth.


There are a variety of heaters that are safe to leave on overnight, including infrared heaters, oil-filled heaters, and ceramic heaters. These types of heaters are designed to operate safely for extended periods.

However, it is important to read the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure that the heater is designed for overnight use.

Additionally, it is important to keep the heater away from combustible materials. Some models must be plugged into a wall outlet, while others can be plugged into a power strip. It is also important to choose a model with an automatic shutoff feature to prevent fires.

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