A typical air conditioner uses a chemical called refrigerant.

Sometimes the weather is unbearably warm, and nothing works except air conditioners. But choosing the best one for you isn't an easy task. You have to research a lot before buying a good air conditioner according to the size of your room.

This article will let you know how to turn off fresh air intake on air conditioner and how it works.

What Are Air Conditioners?

Air conditioners are electrical appliances used to remove heat and cool down the temperature of a room or an inside area.

Air conditioners are used to cool the air, control the temperature and maintain the moisture in the air of a specific area or room.

What Are Air Conditioners

How Do They Work?

An air conditioner takes in water/air and then cools them down by evaporating refrigerant. The gas is then converted into liquid, and chemicals are used to remove warm air from the room. The warm air is then disposed off outside the house.

Types Of Air Conditioners And Their Price Range

Air Conditioners 

Price Range 

Stand Alone A/C

  • Both coils are inside

  • Easier to install

  • Needs an air vent

  • Convenient 


  1. Portable A/C

  • Good for single rooms

  • Very popular

  • Easy mobility

  • Have wheels

  • Small in size

  • Suitable for 400 - 450 square feet area

  1. Wall mounted A/C

  • Good for hot buildings

  • Powerful split system

  • Can be hung on walls

  • Expensive

  • Not so easy to install

  • Take more space

  1. Window A/C

  • Popular in Europe

  • Unique

  • Affordable

  • Easy to install

  • Available in three types (vertical, low profile, saddle over the sill)

  1. Portable A/C -

                $200 - $800

  1. Wall Mounted A/C -

                $100 - $800

  1. Window A/C -

                $300 - $1000

Split A/C

  • Consists of two shells (quiet shell inside, noisy shell outside)

  • Quick cooling

  • Good looking

  • Smaller in size


  1. Central A/C

    • Very popular

    • Difficult to install 

  2. Wall mounted A/C

    • Easy to install

    • Quieter 

  3. Floor Mounted A/C

    • Easy installation

    • 2-3 air conditioners can be connected to the single outer shell

  4. Ceiling A/C

    • Good for offices

    • Installed on ceiling

    • Expensive

    • Looks elegant

    • Powerful a/c

  5. Mini split Ductless A/C

    • No duct work required

    • Easy installation and low cost

    • High energy

    • Large capacity 

  1. Central A/C -

              $4000 - $8000

  1. Wall mounted/Floor mounted - 

              $500 - $3000

  1. Ceiling A/C -

              $1000 - $10000

  1. Mini split Ductless A/C -

              $500 - $5000

Turning Off Fresh Air Intake On Air Conditioners

By turning off the fresh air, energy usage is reduced, and the functionality of an air conditioner improves. The air conditioners take fresh air from outside and convert it into cool air and then circulate it in the room. The air passes from the refrigerant which removes heat from the room and releases it outside through the vent.

Air conditioners have become a need of people now. But not everyone can afford them because they can be expensive when running. So to minimize the expense, it's good to turn off the fresh air intake on air conditioners. It will help you to save money and reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Different models have different ways (damper, lid, etc.) of turning off the fresh air intake.  Read the manual carefully to learn more about your air conditioner model.

Fresh air flows through the dampers. To turn it off, slide the damper cover/lid slightly over the opening or the vent lever. This will turn off the fresh air intake on air conditioners. Never try to block your damper with clothes or fabric, etc.

What's A Damper?

Air conditioner dampers are devices used to control airflow within the building or room, typically installed near the outdoor shell.

The airflow can be adjusted according to your need or the building's requirements.

A Damper Is Divided Into Two Parts

  1. Blade
  2. Frame

Dampers Types

Control Dampers -

This type controls the airflow by controlling the size of the blades.

Blade Dampers -

Enough space is required for these dampers to move the blades freely to control the airflow.

Balancing Dampers -

They allow the outer air to enter the system and shut off when not required. These dampers are used in ventilation, heating, and cooling appliances. These are also known as balance actuators.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying An Air Conditioner

It would help if you were very careful when buying an air conditioner for your house. The most important factors are

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  • Your Budget
  • It's Energy Consumption
  • Size And Maintenance
  • Power And Efficiency.

What's A Fresh Air Intake Vent?

It is an open duct that goes from outside to inside your house.


  • Clean And Fresh Air
  • Removes Pollutants From Home
  • Maintains Air Flow Inside The House

Purpose Of Fresh Air Intakes

Fresh air intakes are used to

  • Prevent Carbon Monoxide Production
  • Delivery Of More Oxygen
  • Improving The Quality Of Air
  • Enhancing Efficiency

Swamp Coolers

They are also ventless air conditioners because they provide a great cooling effect without ventilation.


These are like normal portable air conditioners that don't need to vent

  • Not So Expensive
  • Cool Quickly
  • Provide High Air Flow
  • Not So Noisy
  • Use Cold Water To Generate Cooling
  • Homelabs Air Cooler
  • Decker Beac75
  • Zero Breeze Mark 2
  • Frigidaire FHWW083WBE
  • Windmill air
  • SearchTempest


Remember that the air intake depends upon the type and model of air conditioner you are using. So read the manual carefully to know more about your installed model.

If you want to reduce your electricity bill, it is recommended to turn off the fresh air intake on your air conditioner. Especially when there are toxic fumes outside in the air, you don't want such pollutants in your home.

So all you have to do is turn off the fresh air intake on the air conditioner, stop ventilation and close the windows. We hope the information was helpful. Don't forget to share your experience with us.

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