So, you should place a humidifier to ensure safe health and provide suitable environmental conditions for your baby, especially in winter, but where should you place it?

The real question that may bother you due to safety concerns is how close the humidifier should be to the baby.

However, the recommended distance is at least three ft., which can vary depending on several factors. In this article, we will find all the relevant factors and share some extra precautionary tips.

Why Does Your Baby Need A Humidifier

Undoubtedly, humidifiers are highly beneficial for babies due to several health reasons. They prevent skin from drying, keeping the skin moist and fresh. There are the following advantages of a humidifier for babies.
Why Does Your Baby Need A Humidifier

Prevent Congestion

A humidifier helps maintain the moisture in the environment by releasing totally safe mists for babies. Children are more vulnerable to respiratory issues in winter, including runny noses.

The congested nasal will cause difficulty in breathing and disturb the baby during sleep. At the same time, a humidifier will assist in the best way to provide peaceful sleep to your little angel.

Keeps Skin Safe From Dehydrating

The delicate skin of the baby gets dry when the environment lacks moisture. A moisturizer might help you keep your baby's skin soft, but the importance of a humidifier for this purpose is undeniable.

Is It Safe To Have A Dehumidifier In The Bedroom With A Baby
If you have allergies or want to get rid of excessive air moisture, then a dehumidifier is a great option. One of the main features of a dehumidifier is that it helps to control the humidity level according to the user’s needs.

Note: We do not recommend using boiled water as a humidifier to place in your child’s room as it is completely unsafe and has high burn risks.

Remove Allergens

Several allergies and skin issues are easy to solve by just placing a humidifier in your baby’s room.

Eczema, asthma, and other allergies will hardly get near your child when a health and environment-friendly humidifier is placed in the room. However, make sure to keep it clean to avoid any dirt build-up.

How Close Should Humidifier Be To Baby - Factors to Consider

How Close Should Humidifier Be To Baby.
Placing a humidifier too close to the sleeping bed of your baby isn’t a good idea. You might be investing in a humidifier for health safety, but putting it in the wrong place will only risk the child’s life. Here are some do’s and don’ts you must consider when setting up a humidifier inside your baby's room.

Distance From The Crib

It should never be in your plan to keep the humidifier near your baby’s bed or crib. When you place it too close to the bed, the water vapors or mists from the humidifier will reach the skin directly.

Keeping it at a distance of three feet is highly recommended, whether using a hot mist or cold mist humidifier. Also, the noise produced by appliances can also disturb the baby’s sleep.

Keep it Out of Reach

If your baby has started to crawl or walk, you will need to do some extra care. If your baby walks out of the crib and reaches the humidifier, it may cause harm.

In order to prevent your child from injuries or electrocution, it is essential to take precautionary measures. In case your baby spills some water near the device, it can threaten life.

Place it At Some Height From the Floor

You do not only need to keep it at a distance but also above the surface to avoid any risk. If the humidifier is present at a specified distance on the floor, your crawler will still reach it without much effort. However, keeping it two or more feet above the floor will reduce the risk.

Keep It Away From Sunlight

We highly suggest keeping the humidifier far from areas where direct sunlight reaches. When sun rays fall on the surface, they promote a favorable environment for microbial growth, such as algae, fungi, and bacteria. The water inside the humidifier will be useless if bacteria start populating the surrounding.

How Close Should Humidifier Be To Baby - DON’TS

How Close Should Humidifier Be To Baby - DON’TS

Near Bed While Sleeping

Never put a humidifier near the bed where your child is sleeping. At some levels, the moisture gets too high, and if you have placed it near the bed, all the nearby areas capture that moisture.

Near The Vent

Do not place a humidifier near the vents where there is free air passage. It is important to keep it in the center of the room or any safe corner.

Close to Electrical Outlet

Electrical supplies can get moisture and cause shocks. You should never place any socket or plug near the baby's vicinity and the humidifier.

Around Cables

We do not recommend fixing the humidifier near the bundle of wires. The wires will harm your baby and the entire home, including you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I turn on the humidifier all night in the baby’s room?

It is safe to keep the humidifier on inside the baby's room for the whole night. It will only ensure peaceful sleep and keep the environment favorably moist.

What are some safe types of humidifiers for babies?

The three most popular and reliable types of humidifiers safe for babies are Warm mist humidifiers, Cool mist humidifiers, & Ultrasonic humidifiers.

Can a humidifier make your baby sick?

A poorly maintained and uncleaned humidifier can make your child very sick. The dirt and moist conditions will hasten the growth of molds, mildews, viruses, and harmful bacteria. If you neglect the cleanliness of the device, these microbes will get dispersed into the air, making it dangerous to inhale.


As a parent, you are responsible for protecting your child from all harmful and beneficial things by using them correctly.

So how close the humidifier should be to the baby depends on the room size, the distance from the crib, and several other factors. We hope this guide will help you in multiple ways to ensure your baby's safety.

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