Article will discuss the cost of installing central air with no existing ductwork. Undoubtedly, such an installation is an extensive activity that will cost you a large sum of money. Keep reading to explore more about the topic.

Overall cost To Install Central Air With No Existing Ductwork

The most common and well-known air conditioning system is the central AC system, which requires properly planned ductwork.

Our team has worked with the experts for longer working hours to find authentic information regarding installing a central AC without any prior ductwork at your home.

In such a case, you are advised to get your ductwork done before installing a central AC. We highly recommend you consider the overall cost for the project before calling any professional to assist your project.

Important factors To Consider

If you have any prior experience with AC installation, you will agree that installing an Ac with the duct work involved is quite an extensive project that requires a lot of time and a lot of money to accomplish. The important point is that there is no universal cost value for such a project; rather, it depends upon several factors given below:

  • Home Size
  • Ductwork Location
  • Number of floors
  • Required system type
  • Quantity of temperature control zones
  • Required comfort status
  • Required number of vents
  • Duct material and accessories
  • Desired home temperature

After finding out the cost for the tasks, as mentioned earlier, separately, you will be able to calculate the overall cost for your project.

Important factors To Consider

Comparative Cost Value

AC installation is an expensive task and an extensive activity. If you are interested in installing a central AC system, then the cost for this project can be higher than the ductless air conditioning installation. The comparative cost for both projects is discussed below:

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Central AC Unit

Installing a central air-conditioning system can be expensive, especially when no prior duct work is done. Installing an Ac in such a case revolves around $3000 to $12000.

Ductless MINI-Split AC

Other than a central Ac unit, the option is to go for the ductless mini-split air conditioner. This option is comparatively cheaper and affordable in terms of installation and maintenance. The installation cost for such a system revolves around $2000 to $7000.

Things To Consider Before Central AC Installation

An extensive project requires detailed attention and consideration regarding the primary and secondary factors required for the project to be accomplished as desired. We will explain each factor separately in detail to help you save your cost for a central AC installation with ductwork.

Home Size

In this case, The size of your home matters a lot in terms of cost estimation for duct more. The bigger the house, the higher the ductwork cost will be. We highly recommend you consider this factor before choosing the ductwork type for your home.

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Ductwork Location

You might have observed that the ductwork is mostly installed within your house's floor, ceiling, and walls.

This condition is highly subjective and potentially influences the overall cost of duct installation in your home. The locations for the work are variable, and so is the cost of the installation.

Number of Stories

The number of stories is another significant factor in this regard, and it is directly proportional to the increasing cost of central Ac installation in your home. If you have a double or triple-story building, then obviously, it is going to cost you more in comparison to a single-story house.

Required Type of System

In today's world, technological advancements are providing us with innovative options where we can have the Ac system of our choice per our requirements and estimated budget.

There are air conditioning systems that can be mounted without any ductwork involved. But if you are looking forward to getting a central AC system, it will cause you an additional cost for the required ductwork.

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Temperature Control Zones

As obvious from its name, the temperature control zones are installed to give the user control over the climate in specific areas of your house. If you desire more control zones, it will cost you an extra sum of money.

Desired Comfort Level

It is said that luxury can be attained but at relatively higher costs. Your desired comfort status is another variable factor that can add up to the total installation cost of a central air conditioner. If you require greater comfort, you must pay enough to get your desired comfort.

Required Number Of Vents

It is quite simple to understand that more air vents can cause more money. You should also be ready to meet the higher expenses if you want multiple air vents. Scattered air vents around your home or the living space can increase the project's overall cost.

Duct Materials And Accessories

The installation cost has another prime factor that requires your consideration. This factor is the type of material you want for your ductwork. Different materials are available, and each material has its specifications and cost value.

Desired Home Temperature

Lastly, the desired cooling is an important factor to consider. It will require a relatively higher cost if you are interested in making your home a chilling space. Otherwise, keeping the cooling under control at a certain level might lower its expenditure.

Final Words

We can sum up the whole discussion by saying that there are several factors on which the overall central AC installation cost is dependent. The factors involved in the project are explained in detail above.

It is possible to estimate total costs after analyzing the size and type of AC, the number of air vents needed, the type of ductwork material, and the other relevant factors explained in this article.

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